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Catalogic Software is built to partner in order to optimize the success of our channel partners and add value for our technology partners and their customers.
Smart Partnerships are key to everything we do at Catalogic. For our Channel Partners, we work together to enhance their value proposition for customers and build a more profitable business. Our Smart Data Suite is trusted by leading technology partners to complement their own technology and deliver additional value to our joint customers.
Catalogic’s Smart Data Suite integrates with a number of the industry’s leading hardware vendors to deliver customer value. We also offer best in class solutions for many of the industry’s leading software vendors.
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Partner Reward Program

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As a member of the Catalogic Channel Partner Program, you will receive the essential building blocks and financial incentives to effectively market, sell, and support Catalogic products and solutions.
The Catalogic Channel Partner Program provides sales, technical, and marketing resources. In addition, it offers the opportunity to work closely with Catalogic to deliver innovative data management solutions to customers.
Built For Channel Partner
Why Use the Partner Incentive Program from Catalogic Software
1. Retain Account Control
In a rapidly evolving IT world, maintaining account control is paramount. Our program allows you to offer backup solutions while keeping control of your customer relationships. You decide how to manage and grow your accounts.
2. Boost Margins
We understand that shrinking margins can be a significant concern. Our partner program offers attractive incentives and benefits to enhance your profitability, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on your bottom line.
3. Expand Your Portfolio
If you’re looking to add backup solutions to your offerings, but you don’t want to own that line of business entirely, we’ve got you covered. Catalogic Software’s program enables you to expand your product portfolio by providing the most cost-effective and competitive solution in the market. 
4. Serve Budget-Conscious Customers
Many businesses today are light on budget, making it challenging to invest in robust backup solutions. With our cost-effective offerings, you can address the needs of budget-conscious customers, providing them with reliable backup alternatives.
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