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For over a decade as a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, Catalogic has been integrating with VMware to help customers realize the greatest value from their virtual infrastructure and underlying hardware. All Catalogic products either support VMware VMs or deployment as a VMware VM. Customers can leverage both VMware Agentless Data Protection (VADP) or Storage Snapshots to achieve low impact backups as well as instant restores.
How it works
Catalogic DPX is an efficient and flexible all-purpose data protection solution supporting disk, tape and cloud.  Our patented block-level protection reduces backup time and impact by 90%, for both physical and virtual servers.
  • DPX provides the ability to protect virtual machines on VMware VSPhere via agentless or block backup, DPX also provides the ability instantly recover block or agentless servers to VMware to meet recovery time objectives easily
Catalogic ECX is Copy Data Management (CDM) software that can bring modernization to an existing environment without the disruption of needing new hardware. ECX delivers “in-place” copy data management through enterprise storage array snapshots, allowing IT to maximize its investments in existing infrastructure to deliver self-service copies for VM admins and DBAs
  • Catalogic ECX helps customers create and run automated, non-disruptive disaster recovery testing using Catalogic ECX with Storage snapshots and Replicas (Pure Storage, IBM Storage, NetApp and HPE Nimble). DR tests can be run automatically on schedule.
  • Easy recovery can be used to deliver a complete VMware infrastructure for dev-test, DevOps, reporting, analytics, or any other business purpose requiring rapid and secure access to virtual machines. 
vProtect is an enterprise backup solution for Open VM environments such as RedHat Virtualization, Nutanix Acropolis, Proxmox, Citrix XenServer, KVM etc. vProtect can operate standalone or integrate with your existing backup software.
  • vProtect supports a wide range of open-sourced hypervisors, but also supports VMware and Hyper-V. vProtect for VMware provides full (NBD and Hot-ad) and incremental (+CBT) backups, file-level restore with mountable backups, VM auto-grouping based on regular expressions and tags, and offers an option to back up only selected VM disks. vProtect also has the ability to define and manage snapshot schedules within VMWare and allows pre/post snapshot command execution

Catalogic® DPX: Backup Done Right

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vProtect Modernized Backup for Virtual Environments

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