Comprehensive VMware Support with Catalogic DPX
Catalogic DPX, as a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, delivers exceptional VMware backup solutions, enabling customers to maximize the value from their virtual infrastructure and underlying hardware. With over a decade of experience, Catalogic DPX supports VMware backup or deployment as a VMware VM, offering both VMware Agentless Data Protection (VADP) and Storage Snapshots for low-impact backups and instant restores.

Challenges of VMware Data Protection

1. Complexity and Overhead of Agent-Based Backups:

Traditional backup solutions require agents to be installed on each virtual machine, leading to increased complexity, higher management overhead, and potential performance degradation.

2. Slow Recovery Times and Operational Downtime:

Recovering data can be slow, impacting business operations with prolonged downtime. Quick recovery is essential for minimizing operational impact and ensuring business continuity.

3. Diverse Environment Protection:

Organizations often operate within hybrid environments, including physical servers and virtual machines. Providing effective data protection across these varied environments presents a significant challenge.

4. Efficiency in Data Protection:

Ensuring data protection processes are both time and resource-efficient is crucial. Traditional methods may not offer the required efficiency, especially in dynamic or large-scale environments.

5. Comprehensive VMware Environment Protection :

VMware environments require reliable and efficient backup solutions that can handle the complexities of virtualization. Finding a solution with proven expertise and comprehensive coverage is critical to safeguard against data loss.

Key Features for VMware Protection

Agentless VMware Backup
Catalogic DPX simplifies VMware backup through agentless data protection, eliminating the need for installing and maintaining backup agents on each VM. Backups are managed through VMware vCenter and the Catalogic DPX virtualization proxy server, which handles VMware snapshot processing and communicates with the storage destination and master server. This approach supports auto-discovery and protection of new and modified VMs, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
Instant Recovery Options
DPX provides a range of recovery options for VMware environments, including Instant Virtualization and Full Virtualization features available with DPX agent-based backups. Additionally, Instant VMDK allows for rapid mapping of VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) images back to the same VM or an alternate VM, facilitating quick data access and minimizing downtime.
Support for Physical, Virtual Environments
With DPX, you can protect virtual machines on VMware vSphere via agentless or block backup and instantly recover block or agentless servers to VMware to meet recovery time objectives easily. This flexibility ensures that DPX can cater to a wide range of backup and recovery needs across different environments.

Why Choose Catalogic DPX for VMware Integration?

  • Proven Expertise: As a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, Catalogic DPX brings over a decade of experience in VMware backup solutions, ensuring reliable and efficient data protection.
  • Efficiency and Flexibility: Catalogic DPX’s patented block-level protection reduces backup time and impact by 90%, offering an efficient solution for both physical and virtual servers.
  • Comprehensive Protection: From agentless VMware backup to instant recovery options, DPX ensures that VMware environments are fully protected against data loss.

Comprehensive Support

Catalogic provides exceptional support to ensure that you can leverage the full potential of DPX with your Oracle products:

Direct Technical Support

Gain direct access to Catalogic s technical support team for any queries or issues you may encounter

Documentation and Compatibility Matrix

Utilize extensive documentation of Catalogic DPX and product compatibility matrix to ensure that your backup environment is optimized and up-to-date.

Protect Your VMware Environment with Catalogic DPX

In the modern IT landscape, protecting your VMware environment is crucial for maintaining business continuity and safeguarding critical data. Catalogic DPX stands out as a powerful, efficient, and flexible data protection solution tailored for VMware, providing advanced backup and recovery features that meet the unique needs of VMware users. By choosing DPX, you can ensure that your VMware environment is protected with industry-leading data protection capabilities.