The Smart Choice in Enterprise Data Protection – Catalogic DPX

  • Reliable backup that works
  • Rapid recovery when you need it
  • An open storage model
  • A first-class support team
  • Affordable, easy to understand licensing

Kubernetes and Cloud Database Backup-as-a-Service

  • Secure, multi-cluster Kubernetes backup-as-a-service that supports all clouds and distributions
  • Free snapshot management and cluster resource backup
  • Fair, capacity-based pricing that is transparent and simple
  • No limits on worker nodes, clusters or Persistent Volumes (PVs) snapshots
  • Application-consistent backup with ransomware protection

NetApp Ransomware Protection – CryptoSpike

  • Multi-pronged technology approach – block list, pass list, and learn module – to combat ransomware
  • Infected users are blocked from further access to NetApp file shares, halting the spread of ransomware
  • Push-button recovery of infected files recovered using NetApp snapshots

NetApp Ransomware Protection – RestoreManager

  • High performance file indexing, search and restore for NetApp filer
  • Easily locate and recover files on NetApp storage
  • Manage Snapshot, SnapVault and SnapMirror schedules and retention times

Open VM Backup with Integration into Enterprise Backup Platforms

  • Support for a wide range of Open VM platforms
  • Supports data export into existing backup environments for long-term storage
  • Easy file recovery directly from the Web UI
  • Data exported in native, hypervisor-specific format
  • Multi-node support for better scalability or geographically dispersed environments.

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