Enterprise Data Protection with Proactive Ransomware Protection

  • Reliable and secure backup that just works
  • Proactive ransomware protection with DPX GuardMode
  • Rapid and granular data recovery when you need it
  • Low cost, easy to understand licensing and open storage
  • A first-class support team

Microsoft 365 Backup and Open VM Backup

  • Data protection for Microsoft 365 and its components
  • Backup a wide range of Open VM platforms
  • Easy file recovery directly from the Web UI
  • Data exported in native, hypervisor-specific format
  • Multi-node support for better scalability or geographically dispersed environments

Industry Leader in Kubernetes Data Protection and Application Resiliency 

  • Multi-cluster Kubernetes backup that supports all clouds and distributions
  • Manage, monitor and support Velero backups and configurations across multiple clusters
  • Application-consistent backups, with cross-cluster, cross cloud, and cross-account restores
  • Available as SaaS (free up to 10 nodes) or available for self-hosting
  • Free and paid Velero open source support services
CloudCasa meets K8s backup challenges