Simplify Your Nutanix Acropolis Backup with Catalogic DPX vPlus

Catalogic DPX vPlus delivers efficient and scalable data protection for Nutanix Acropolis, ensuring your virtualized environments are safeguarded with both comprehensive full backups and incremental backups utilizing Changed Region Tracking (CRT). As an enterprise backup solution for open VM environments, DPX vPlus operates either standalone or integrated with DPX vStor, supporting a variety of backup storage options.

Challenges of Nutanix Backup

1. Rapid Recovery Needs

Rapid data recovery is essential in high-availability environments to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity. The challenge lies in balancing the need for quick access to recent data with comprehensive, long-term backup strategies.

2. Large Data Volumes with Limited Backup Windows

Organizations with large volumes of data face the challenge of completing backups within increasingly tight windows, without impacting system performance.

3. Ensuring Data Integrity During Restores

Maintaining data integrity, particularly for transaction-heavy applications like databases, is crucial. The challenge is to ensure that backups capture a consistent state of these applications.

4. Efficient Restoration of Specific Data

Restoring specific files or folders quickly and without the overhead of full VM restores is a key challenge, especially in environments where data needs are dynamic and time-sensitive.

Key Features for Nutanix Acropolis Backup

AHV Snapshot Management
DPX vPlus offers AHV snapshot management for Nutanix Acropolis, allowing for the combination of short-term protection with fast restore/revert capabilities using snapshots, alongside longer-term AHV backup to a separate target device. This dual approach ensures both immediate and enduring data protection.
Efficient, Incremental Backups
Utilizing Changed-Region Tracking (CRT) based on hypervisor APIs, DPX vPlus provides incremental backups for Nutanix Acropolis. This method significantly reduces backup windows by focusing only on changed data blocks since the last backup.
Application-Consistent Snapshots
DPX vPlus uses hypervisor functions to create application-consistent snapshots for Nutanix backup, ensuring databases are quiesced prior to snapshotting. This results in more consistent backups, crucial for applications requiring transactional integrity.
Easy File-Level Restore
The mountable backup feature in DPX vPlus allows for quick and easy access to backup data without the need for a full VM restore. Users can mount the backup image directly, facilitating the restoration of individual files or incremental backups.

Why Choose Catalogic DPX vPlus for Nutanix Backup?

  • Advanced Nutanix Integration: DPX vPlus’s seamless integration with Nutanix Acropolis offers a scalable and efficient backup solution, leveraging the platform’s virtualization technologies for comprehensive data protection.
  • Efficient and Flexible Backups: With features like AHV snapshot management, CRT, and application-consistent snapshots, DPX vPlus ensures efficient and flexible backups for Nutanix environments.
  • Comprehensive Protection: From incremental backup to easy file-level restore, DPX vPlus ensures that your Nutanix Acropolis environments are fully protected against data loss.

Comprehensive Support

Catalogic provides exceptional support to ensure that you can leverage the full potential of DPX with your Oracle products:

Direct Technical Support

Gain direct access to Catalogic’s technical support team for any queries or issues you may encounter.

Documentation and Compatibility Matrix

Utilize extensive documentation of Catalogic DPX and product compatibility matrix to ensure that your backup environment is optimized and up-to-date.

Elevate Your Nutanix Environment with Catalogic DPX vPlus

Incorporating Catalogic DPX vPlus into your Nutanix Acropolis data protection strategy not only ensures the security and recoverability of your critical data but also optimizes your backup and recovery processes. By leveraging this powerful integration, you can achieve a resilient and scalable backup solution that meets the demands of modern IT environments. Catalogic DPX vPlus, enhanced with Nutanix Acropolis’s virtualization capabilities, empowers your organization to protect its data assets effectively while maintaining control over compliance and data governance requirements.