The DPX vStor backup repository is a modern, software-defined secondary storage solution designed specifically to support DPX data protection software. It provides a cost-effective and highly efficient data storage appliance that can be tailored to meet your specific cost and performance requirements. With the latest version, vStor now offers enhanced data immutability and advanced recovery functionalities, including the vStor Snapshot Explorer feature, further bolstering security and flexibility. Additionally, it facilitates easy archiving to the cloud for long-term retention and provides robust ransomware protection for your backups.

The volume-based immutability function and the possibility of replication between the vStor repositories offer new possibilities for securely storing backups centrally across locations, especially in the edge area. Coupled with the classic option of tape backups, this offers a good opportunity to take the topic of Airgap further.

By Timo Fischer, Campus