and Affordable
NDMP Backup Solution
Let’s face it. Companies have been convinced they only have two choices when trying to safeguard their NAS via NDMP. Get all the features you want with very high licensing costs OR sacrifice features to save money.
Catalogic believes you shouldn’t have to settle for ‘either-or’ when you can have both.

DPX by Catalogic Software is a comprehensive data protection solution that provides backup,
disaster recovery, and data replication services for enterprises.

file-level restore

Quickly and easily recover individual files from backups, ensuring minimal downtime.

simple licensing

Enjoy a straightforward and transparent licensing model that simplifies your experience.

great compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of systems and applications for universal applicability.

excellent scalibility

Effortlessly expand your data protection capabilities as your business grows.

lower TCO

Reduce your total cost of ownership with our cost-effective and efficient data management solutions.

and more

Discover a host of additional features designed to enhance your data protection strategy.


That Support Your Business

Local Backup
DPX moves data directly from the NAS to the tape library without any other network hops. This allows for faster data transfers.
Filer-to-Filer Backup
One filer sends data to tape by passing it to another filer that is attached to a tape library. This lets multiple filer share the tape resources that are connected to a given filer.
Remote Backup
The DPX device server sits in the data path between the NAS system and the target storage (disk, tape, or cloud). This method expands the available range of backup targets.

Key Features of DPX NDMP

Catalogic helped pioneer NDMP backups and remains a leader in supporting NDMP for multiple vendor NAS systems. With Catalogic DPX, you can have an easy to use and extremely cost-effective standalone NDMP solution, or you can deploy DPX as a complete backup solution, with NDMP as a component.
  • Supports NetApp SMTape backup.
  • Standalone NDMP support, or integrated with a full backup solution.
  • Supports NetApp CAB (Cluster Aware Backup), an NDMP v4 protocol extension.
  • Supports NetApp CAB (Cluster Aware Backup), an NDMP v4 protocol extension.

Backup Target Flexibility

DPX provides you NDMP target flexibility to best meet your data protection and compliance needs.


DPX provides a near-line copy of data that can be accessed quickly for day-to-day data recovery needs (beyond what you might have available via primary NAS snapshots). With a storage-efficient target device, such as Catalogic DPX vStor, data savings can extend on-disk retention time.


Get the most cost-effective solution for truly long-term storage that is measured in years. With DPX, file-level restore granularity is possible, allowing for targeted restores. Tape also allows for off-site storage in secure, audited bunker facilities, which can be critical for meeting compliance goals.


This can be an economic tape alternative and also suitable for long-term storage when tape is not desirable. Cloud backup is similar to tape functionally, but data storage is outsourced to a third-party cloud vendor.