Enhanced NetApp
Backup with DPX

DPX boosts your NetApp storage with unmatched data protection, seamlessly integrated with Data ONTAP. Experience holistic, efficient data safeguarding and recovery across all NetApp environments, leveraging the full power of Data ONTAP’s features.

What You Get When You Buy DPX for NetApp Backup?

Ensured Compatibility

Seamlessly adapt to varied NetApp ONTAP versions for uninterrupted data protection.

Optimized Backup Management

Balance operational efficiency with flexible backup strategies for diverse data needs.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Extend data protection beyond physical confines to mitigate site-specific risks.

Security Against Threats

Implement immutable backups to safeguard against ransomware and unauthorized alterations.

Scalability and Growth

Accommodate increasing data volumes without compromising on protection or performance.

Key DPX Features for NetApp Storage Backup

Broad Data ONTAP Version Support

DPX by Catalogic Software supports an extensive range of Data ONTAP versions, including the latest releases in Clustered Data ONTAP (CDOT). This wide-ranging support ensures that organizations can utilize DPX s data protection capabilities regardless of their NetApp ONTAP version.

Comprehensive NetApp Backup Solutions

DPX offers both agentless and agent-based backup solutions for NetApp systems, providing flexibility in backup management and execution. Notable features include:

  • Agentless and Agent-based Backups: For streamlined operations across your NetApp environment. 
  • NDMP Backup Support: Utilizing the Network Data Management Protocol for efficient NAS data backup and recovery, including tape.
  • Integration with SnapVault and SnapMirror: For efficient data replication and offsite data protection. 

Advanced Features for Enhanced Management

Cloud Integration

DPX supports various cloud storage services for file-level and NDMP-level backups, including NetApp StorageGRID, facilitating offsite data protection and disaster recovery strategies.

Ransomware Protection

DPX s block-level backups are stored as immutable snapshots, providing an additional layer of security against ransomware attacks.

Why Do Users Value DPX?


Supports a broad spectrum of Data ONTAP versions and configurations, ensuring compatibility across diverse NetApp environments.


Offers both block-level and file-level backup solutions, reducing backup windows and storage requirements.

Cloud Readiness

Seamless integration with cloud storage services for offsite data protection and disaster recovery.

Advanced Data Protection

Features like SnapVault and SnapMirror integration, along with ransomware protection, provide comprehensive coverage for your NetApp storage systems.

Comprehensive Support

Catalogic provides exceptional support to ensure that you can leverage the full potential of DPX with your Oracle products:

Direct Technical Support

Gain direct access to Catalogic s technical support team for any queries or issues you may encounter

Documentation and Compatibility Matrix

Utilize extensive documentation of Catalogic DPX and product compatibility matrix to ensure that your backup environment is optimized and up-to-date.

Secure Your NetApp Environment with DPX

With DPX, protect your NetApp storage from data loss, streamline management, and enhance recovery. Guard against ransomware, optimize backups, and smoothly integrate with the cloud. DPX delivers the flexibility and features essential for robust data protection