Catalogic DPX + OpenText OES
Catalogic has been a trusted provider of industry-leading Novell backup and recovery solutions since 1997. With our extensive experience, we have pioneered various data protection features, including Open Enterprise Server (OES) cluster support and seamless integration for GroupWise backup and recovery. Our commitment to OpenText OES backup, previously known as the Micro Focus and Novell OES family of products, is unwavering. For instance, we offer reliable backup services and granular file restores for Micro Focus OES 2018 SP3 and OES 2023 backups. Additionally, our backup solution, DPX, is certified by OpenText, ensuring that it can effectively do OES backup and recover the latest versions of OES and GroupWise. Trust Catalogic for comprehensive OpenText OES backup, GroupWise backup, and Novell backup solutions that meet your business’s data protection needs. 
How it works
Catalogic DPX is a comprehensive and efficient data protection solution that supports disk, tape, and cloud. With our patented block-level protection technology, backup time and impact are significantly reduced by 90% for both physical and virtual servers.
  • Our intelligent data protection feature for Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES) is designed to be cluster aware, ensuring seamless operation. DPX utilizes a virtual node concept that treats each individual server node within the cluster as a unified entity, simplifying management tasks. 
  • The simplicity of OES backups and restores is a hallmark of Catalogic DPX. By selecting the virtual node object, users can effortlessly restore data to the correct volume without requiring knowledge of the data source or the specific node responsible for the backup. This streamlined approach eliminates confusion and ensures a quicker and trouble-free recovery process. 
  • When it comes to OES backup and restores, Catalogic DPX provides granular file-level backup and recovery support for Micro Focus OES 2018 SP3, OES 2023, and GroupWise mailboxes. Leveraging the power of Microfocus GroupWise APIs on OES Linux, DPX enables efficient backup and recovery processes. Additionally, DPX extends its support to include backup and recovery of eDirectory and Groupwise applications, catering to the needs of devoted Novell aficionados. 
Choose Catalogic DPX as your go-to solution for efficient OES backup, GroupWise backup, and comprehensive data protection for Novell applications. Experience the flexibility, simplicity, and reliability that Catalogic DPX brings to your data protection strategy. 
Micro Focus OES Support

"The configuration was simple, the support team quickly helped us through the usual startup glitches, and it works just as we had hoped. Scheduling backups has become a snap, and everything just works, We don't need to watch over it or restart jobs anymore."

- Southern Utah University

Certified by Micro Focus for NSS Backup Support
Five Key Recovery Scenarios in a GroupWise Environment
Recovery Scenario 1: Disaster Recovery This is the most severe scenario, when all GroupWise Domain information is lost, possibly due to a massive hardware failure or environmental issue. DPX can restore the complete system
Recovery Scenario 2: Single Server Lost In a multi-server GroupWise Domain, a single server may fail and need to be rebuilt. DPX can quickly recover the lost server and return it to the Domain.
Recovery Scenario 3: Post Office Lost y When database maintenance tools are not sufficient to overcome Post Office corruption, it becomes necessary to restore the data. DPX provides targeted Post Office recovery that gets users back online quickly.
Recovery Scenario 4: Individual Messages Lost It seems that no matter what tools are available, users still find a way to permanently delete emails! When that happens, DPX can recover messages to a Restore Area, returning lost items to the end user.
Recovery Scenario 5: User Account Lost Just as emails get deleted, sometimes user accounts get lost. DPX will allow you to recover both the user account and the associated GroupWise items.
In addition to these scenarios, DPX also supports backup of Binary Large Objects (blobs) and recovery to the original location or an alternate location.
No matter what kind of disaster happens, Catalogic DPX is your go-to solution for restoring GroupWise services.

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Catalogic has provided industry leading protection and recovery for Novell products since 1997, pioneering many protection features such as Open Enterprise Server (OES) cluster-support and deep GroupWise integration.
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