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Survive and Recover from Ransomware Attacks with Data Backups

Cybercriminals love nothing more than infiltrating a network, accessing your data, and encrypting it so it can no longer be accessed until a ransom is paid. Typically, the longer the data is encrypted and unavailable, the larger the financial impact. These criminals may even sell the data outright.

Attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. A ransomware attack study from Ivanti found that of 1,000 enterprises IT professionals across the globe, 58% had worked for organizations that had suffered a ransomware attack in the last year! Sadly, cybercriminals have become an almost unstoppable force.

If you are a software vendor like us, you need to ensure you have very robust security policies and procedures in place to prevent hackers from gaining access to code. Because if they do, every single customer using your software is then at risk of attack.

One of the largest global ransomware attacks to date happened to Kaseya, which provides IT management software for MSPs. Kaseya’s VSA remote monitoring and management tool was used as an attack vector to inject ransomware into over a thousand systems via thirty-plus MSPs. This is not the first time this type of supply chain attack has taken place with SolarWinds, having a similar scenario unfolded last year.

We are living in a data-driven age. Security is a process that needs to be implemented with policies in place to ensure that users, networks, and devices are as protected as possible. Part of the security process for your data should involve a reliable and tested data protection solution that will support your organization in recovering your data quickly if it is compromised.



One ‘data protection fortress’ that thousands of organizations have chosen to protect and recover their data is Catalogic DPX. DPX is part of their core data protection strategy, enabling fast backups with instant recovery, and DPX is trusted due to its leading industry reliability and comprehensive coverage.

When choosing the fortress for your data, there are five key capabilities your data protection solution and IT team needs to provide to shield, protect, survive and recover from a ransomware attack:


  • Ensure redundant backups
    Backup is everything and it is of the highest priority to ensure your organization’s backups can be counted on to recover lost data. The 3-2-1 backup rule is a great strategy for data protection. It calls for three (3) copies of data, on two (2) different storage media types, with one (1) of the copies offsite or in the cloud. With backups to recover from and the offsite copy that ransomware cannot reach, this strategy is good insurance against bad actors stealing data. The 3-2-1-1 rule adds at least one backup copy verified was not locked or corrupted that can be recovered. 3 copies, 2 media, 1 offsite, and 1 verified recoverable. Catalogic DPX is the perfect product to enable 3-2-1-1.


  • Granular recovery points
    Backup is must be completed every day. Sometimes things get in the way and a backup might be missed occasionally. But if you are only backing up once per week and ransomware strikes toward the end of the week, the company could lose many days of data. Backups and snapshots must run regularly, or point-in-time copies of data are taken as often as possible. This helps an organization recover as close as possible to the time the data was encrypted or damaged by ransomware.
    Ransomware attackers are analyzing behavior and traffic waiting for the best time to strike. Sometimes attackers are present in the network and have access after recovery, allowing them to attack again. Take this into consideration and set longer retention periods than your typical defaults of  30, 60, or 90 days.


  • Air-Gapped and Immutable backups
    If your backups reside on the same network or the same storage system as your production data resides, they are vulnerable to attack also. Cybercriminals have gotten more sophisticated and one of the first items they do is to search for and remove all your backups so that no data recovery is possible. Having backups air-gapped in the cloud or on tape that the ransomware attacker cannot easily reach, helps ensures that your data is recoverable. Further, if your backup data or data snapshots are immutable or locked from changes, they can be used to rapidly recover your data in case ransomware encrypts your primary data.


  • Application-aware backup
    Applications require additional consideration if they use a database and the data is protected only by those files themselves. When ransomware hits, it takes several steps to recover applications. Application-aware backup is important as it defends application metadata and ensures that the application servers can be recovered. Conduct application recovery verification tests on a regular basis to stay in the know and confirming that the data and applications can be restored.


  • Reporting can predict disaster ahead
    It is typical for incremental data backup to contain fairly small changes between full backup cycles. One big tip-off when ransomware hits (with data encrypted) is that an incremental backup suddenly becomes the size of a full backup. Modern data protection products can track anomalies and report if backup sizes are unexpectedly much larger and alert the backup/security administrator. This is very helpful in identifying an attack in progress, and also sets the point in time from which rapid data recovery can commence.

Data Protection is the last line of defense when it comes to ransomware attacks. Ensure that you have a data protection fortress-like Catalogic DPX that is ransomware recovery ready.  If you are interested in learning more about how Catalogic can assist you in implementing your data protection fortress to ensure recovery from ransomware attacks, please contact us and also watch our recent webinar Protect and Recover Your Data from Ransomware Attacks.


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Hyper-V Backup Enhancements, S3 Cloud Storage and more in Catalogic DPX 4.7.1

This month we announced Catalogic DPX 4.7.1 general availability. This release continues to build on the previous DPX 4.7.0 release by adding many new features and enhancements, including:

  • One step Master server update – Updates of the Master appliance have improved to require only running the update script to update the entire master server appliance.
  • Virtual Machine exclusions – Adds the ability to exclude specific virtual machines from Hyper-V backups based on explicit selection or pattern selection (e.g., test *or lab*)
  • Better password security – Enhances login security for the HTML user interface by forcing a password change on the first login.
  • Better job instance management. Further enhances the HTML user interface by adding the following functionality:
    • Allowing the ability to start or cancel any job type from the job monitor screen.
    • A download of all job logs from the job monitor screen.
  • More local languages – Expands the DPX local language support by adding the Polish language to the HTML user interface as a supported language.
  • Additional Cloud Providers – Adds support for Wasabi Cloud Storage and Scality Ring as supported cloud provider targets for Archive and NDMP Protection.


This release also contains several other enhancements and fixes. For further information, see the release notes and what’s new documents on our support site.

Join our live webinar or on-demand: “Protect and Recover Your Data from Ransomware Attacks,” Thursday, July 14th at 11:00am ET.  We will review what a modern data protection solution like Catalogic DPX provides to protect your data and enable your organization to recover from a ransomware attack, and at a price that won’t break the bank!

Contact us to learn about our current Catalogic DPX promotions:

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Modern Data Protection with Heritage – Eradicating Data Loss

Every organization needs a data protection solution in place to ensure that in the event of security breaches, corruption, human error, hardware faults, or environmental disasters data can be recovered to ensure continuation of the business.

Data is a business’s lifeblood and fuels development and growth. With ever-evolving digital transformation nearly all organisations are now wholly dependent on data. If you’re not analyzing, consuming, and creating data to push your business forward, then in most industries these days you are falling behind.

Given the importance of data, a plan to ensure you can cope with data loss is required. Approximately 50% of small business will not re-open after data loss. We want to ensure data loss is a thing of the past for small businesses. If you are a small business, take a look here at our Free Hyper-V agentless backup option covering protection of up to 5TB and 25 VMs free of charge.

Hardware failure accounts for the majority of data loss, with approximately 40% of cases being caused this way.  Human error is also high on the list, with approximately 30% being caused accidentally.

Security breaches also have a huge impact—it seems you cannot go one day without hearing about another major security breach.  Each security breach now costs an average of over $3.8 million and there were over 1,120 security breaches reported in the mainstream media in 2020. That’s over 3 a day, and those are only the high-profile cases. At an average cost of $3.8 million, the cost of security breaches in 2020 was over $4.2 billion! Sadly, this figure will only continue to increase given cyber-crime is a growing industry with more and more talent being added to these criminal gangs with the lure of large pay packets.

Our Smart Data Suite has the power to put multiple data loss prevention and cyber-security protection measures in place. Take a look and ensure closure doesn’t happen to you due to data loss.

In relation to all these types of Data loss we are here to help, with Catalogic DPX we can ensure your business can enable instant recovery and continue operating.
Catalogic DPX is different to all the other vendor backup solutions in the market for 3 reasons:


  1. We have a heritage in the data protection industry – delivering data protection solutions for over 25 years.
    This means we have a vast array of support for all operating systems, applications and media types and offer better backwards compatibility and media integration than most of our rivals.
  2. We are a software company.
    This means we have no interest in selling you expensive hardware appliances alongside our software. Everything we do is fully software-defined and our product is a simple and flexible cost model. There are no additional licensing costs for additional modules, backup (vStor) repositories, offloading, or archive like there are with a lot of the other players in the data protection market. DPX is all inclusive.
  3. Our solutions are modern.
    With our heritage in Data Protection we understand people want simple and modern data protection solutions. That’s why DPX uses Docker and allows modules or containers to quickly be added for supporting new solutions. Our new HTML interface is being continually improved to make admins lives easy to protect and instantly recover data with Catalogic DPX.

Worried about data loss, or even worse, have you recently experienced data loss?
Are you an SMB with no defined data protection solution in place?
Fed up with your legacy data protection solution underdelivering?
Think you are paying too much for your existing data protection solution?
Want a modern data protection solution without proprietary hardware and tons of add on costs?

Then you need to talk to us about what we can do for you with Catalogic DPX and the Catalogic Smart Data Suite.

Contact us—we can quickly set up a conversation to discuss your needs, run product demonstrations, show pricing examples and enable a free proof of concept.

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Catalogic Announces Free Hyper-V Backup to Small Enterprise

With the introduction of DPX 4.7, Catalogic Software is offering a free Hyper-V agentless backup to new customers.

The new free license covers up to 25 virtual machines and up to 5tb of backup storage use. This is a list cost value of $12,500 that we now make available to help small enterprises manage rising datacenter costs.

The solution consists of 2 virtual machine templates that you can deploy to your Hyper-V enterprise. The first VM is the master server hosting our new HTML5 web GUI and backup catalog. The 2nd VM is our vStor storage appliance that acts as the backup destination.

See the list of features for our new DPX 4.7 offering here.

For your free no strings and non-expiring 25 VM and 5tb backup license, please e-mail our sales department at: or call us at 201-249-8980 (press 1 for Sales) to receive a license key.

Use of additional capacity or other enterprise features such as tape, NDMP, and cloud backup can be granted at additional upgrade pricing. Please inquire about any other features you may be interested in.


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Catalogic DPX 4.7.0 Introduces Hyper-V Agentless Backup and Much More

This week we are announcing Catalogic DPX 4.7 general availability, this release is full of exciting new DPX enhancements with the key new features being:

  • Hyper-V Backup and Recovery
  • Continued improvements to new HTML UI – With VMware Backup and Recovery now accessible in the new UI
  • Archive to Cloud for Block Level backups on vStor

Hyper-V Backup in the new UI

DPX now introduces a reliable native Hyper-V backup, offering backup and restore features to help you meet your recovery objectives. To maximize the success of your Hyper-V backups, Catalogic DPX offers key capabilities to ensure that your backups and restores are successfully completed the first time:

Fast backup and restore
Increase the speed and reduce the Hyper-V backup footprint by protecting only what has changed since the last backup.


Point in time restore
DPX Hyper-V full VM restore allows you to restore a VM from any point in time that it was backed up. The VM will be restored in the same state as it was during the backup and will appear on the Hyper-V host you selected for restore.


Hyper-V cluster support
If you have a Hyper-V cluster with multiple Hyper-V hosts, Catalogic DPX is able to properly back up all Guest VMs within your cluster, so that you don’t need to purchase the pricey Datacenter license of Microsoft System Center for Hyper-V cluster backup purpose.


Retention / versioning
Catalogic DPX allows you to set flexible retention policies, including daily, weekly, monthly, yearly policies to suit your IT audit and compliance needs.


Application-consistent backups
Provides application-aware processing, all in a single-pass, applications consistent snapshot backup of VSS-aware applications. This is the level of protection that you need to gain the flexible recovery your application needs.

VMware Backup in new UI

With DPX 4.7 we have started moving key user functionality to the new HTML5 User Interface beginning with VMware Agentless backup. The experience of creating VMware Agentless backup and recovery jobs has been redesigned to be a simpler more intuitive process. The new UI allows for creating backup and recovery jobs including setting retention time, schedule, and job options. The status of run jobs is also available in the new job monitor.

Archive to Cloud for Block Backups
Cloud archive from vStor now supports Block Backup as well as Agentless VMware backup.
The new Block archive from vStor supports incremental and differential transfers thereby eliminating the need to send the full data set to tape, disk directory or cloud every time.


vStor at rest volume encryption support
vStor Volume Encryption is based on ZFS technology for encrypting data at rest on a volume in vStor Server, ensuring that if the underlying device is repurposed, returned, misplaced, or stolen the data cannot be accessed without the encryption key.


vStor configuration backup and restore
vStor volume and pool configuration is backed up daily in a special configuration volume that can be replicated or archived further. In an event of a loss of the virtual appliance or a replacement of physical hardware, vStor configuration can be restored. Backup retention can be configured and be default lasts 14 days.


vStor performance improvements
UI is more responsive and snapshot creation is considerably quicker. Data deduplication can be enabled for a wider variety of data without significant performance degradation:

  • Pools with degraded performance can be treated with the deduplication table cleaning procedure
  • Ongoing deduplication table cleaning is enabled for all new pools with deduplication
  • System startup performance is improved by deduplication table preloading


Additional Features in this Release

  • Improved reporting in the new Management Interface
  • Adds multi-language support in the new Management Interface
  • CHAP authentication support for NetApp CDOT
  • Backup and recovery of vStor configuration in case of migration or disaster.


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Catalogic Software Strengthens Focus on Data Security from Multiple Angles

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Enabling Effective Data Management in Your Organization

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vStor – The beating heart of our data protection solution

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Catalogic DPX 4.6.1 Provides SAP-Certified Protection and Recovery

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Catalogic DPX solves VM Backup for Southern Utah University

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