Catalogic has been supporting Microsoft systems for Data Protection for over 2 decades. DPX provides data protection for multiple Microsoft system such as Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server. Data Protection for Open VM environments can be backed up to Azure using vProtect. ECX is a copy data management solution to handle multiple copies of SQL server data in an efficient and easy to use manner. 
How it works
Catalogic DPX is an efficient and flexible all-purpose data protection solution supporting disk, tape and cloud.  Our patented block-level protection reduces backup time and impact by 90%, for both physical and virtual servers.  
  • Catalogic DPX provides rapid, easy recovery of application including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft SQL, without needing to restore an entire database or volume. Catalogic recovery works locally or remotely to support Disaster Recovery scenarios. Data replication allows you to efficiently. move data off-site.
  • Enterprise block and file level backup and recovery functionality, including instant availability mapping, instant and file virtualization capabilities. DPX also supports Microsoft as proxy servers for VMware agentless backup and as device servers.
vProtect is an enterprise backup solution for Open VM environments such as RedHat Virtualization, Nutanix Acropolis, Proxmox, Citrix XenServer, KVM etc. vProtect can operate standalone or integrate with your existing backup software. 
  • VProtect provides backup and data encryption to Microsoft Azure. Standalone deployments are also possible. vProtect can back up to any file system connected to the Proxy VM. In addition, data can be exported to Microsoft Azure.
  • VProtect provides data protection for virtual machines in Microsoft Hyper-V environments. By installing Hyper-V agents, vProtect can perform both full and incremental of VMs in Hyper-V 2016+ hypervisor and store the backup data in a wide range of different backup destinations including a local file system, Microsoft Azure, and many others. Specific features include snapshot management.
Catalogic ECX is Copy Data Management (CDM) software that can bring modernization to an existing environment without the disruption of needing new hardware. ECX delivers “in-place” copy data management through enterprise storage array snapshots, allowing IT to maximize its investments in existing infrastructure to deliver self-service copies for VM admins and DBAs
  • Copy Data Management (CDM) is becoming a must-have solution for enterprises running SQL Server. Catalogic ECX integrates storage array copy processes (snapshots, replication, clones) with SQL Server, allowing users to leverage their existing storage infrastructure to automatically create, track and deliver fresh copies of SQL Server databases to those business units that require them.
  • ECX creates multiple application aware backups of a wide array of SQL environments. ECX can create copies of SQL 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2017 running on Windows Server 2008 – 2016. ECX can handle multiple SQL configurations such as failover cluster and Always on availability groups. ECX also supports point-in-time restores so it can restore SQL databases to the exact time.

Catalogic DPX: Dashboard Reporting with Microsoft Power BI

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Copy Data Management for SQL Server Databases

Copy Data Management is fast-becoming a must-have solution for any enterprise SQL Server environment. Catalogic ECX integrates storage array copy processes (snapshots, replication, clones) with SQL Server databases...
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