DPX Extends Support for Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of data protection and enterprise server management, Catalogic DPX continues to pave the way with its advanced features and broad compatibility. With the recent release of Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2023, DPX takes it a step further by integrating seamlessly with this cutting-edge platform. In this blog, we explore how Catalogic DPX provides Micro Focus OES backups, granular OES file restore capabilities and OES ransomware protection while also highlighting its newfound compatibility with OES 2023.

Granular File Restore for Micro Focus OES Backups

Unlike many other backup providers, like Unitrends, who have distanced themselves from OES by removing support for granular OES backups, Catalogic DPX offers an advanced solution for organizations utilizing Micro Focus OES by providing granular file restore capabilities. With this feature, users can easily recover individual files and folders from their backups, eliminating the need for a full system restore. Whether it’s a critical document or a lost file, DPX empowers users with the ability to swiftly restore specific items, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Ransomware Protection with Catalogic DPX

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but ransomware attacks continue to pose a significant threat to organizations’ data integrity and operational continuity. To combat this menace, DPX incorporates robust ransomware protection measures including snapshot immutability, air-gapped backup destinations, and most recently, proactive ransomware scanning through GuardMode. Through these measures, DPX ensures that not only are backups protected from malicious encryption attempts, but also that data in production is not compromised before the data is snapshotted and moved to vStor. This way, in the event of a ransomware incident, organizations can confidently rely on DPX to restore clean, uninfected copies of their data, effectively thwarting the attackers’ objectives.

Integration with OES 2023

In addition to its existing capabilities, Catalogic DPX now extends its support to OES 2023. This integration opens up new avenues for organizations to leverage Catalogic’s advanced features while enjoying the benefits of the latest Micro Focus platform. With DPX seamlessly integrated with OES 2023, organizations can confidently protect their data, restore files at a granular level, and fortify their backups against ransomware threats.

Efficient Backup and Recovery Workflow

Catalogic DPX simplifies the backup and recovery process for Micro Focus OES environments. Administrators can easily configure backup policies, automate backup schedules, and monitor job statuses through a user-friendly interface. Catalogic DPX optimizes the backup workflow, minimizing the impact on system resources and ensuring efficient data protection.

By utilizing DPX’s support for OES 2023 backups, organizations can also enhance data availability and strengthen their business continuity strategies. The seamless integration ensures that critical data on Micro Focus OES is effectively protected and readily recoverable, minimizing potential downtime and enabling uninterrupted operations.

Catalogic DPX for OES 2023

Catalogic DPX brings granular file restore capabilities and ransomware protection to Micro Focus OES backups, empowering organizations to safeguard their data effectively. With the recent integration of DPX with OES 2023, organizations can further leverage its advanced features and extend their data protection capabilities. Whether it’s recovering individual files or fortifying backups against ransomware threats, Catalogic DPX offers a comprehensive solution for Micro Focus OES environments, now enhanced by its compatibility with OES 2023.

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