Catalogic Software + Spectra

In today’s data-driven world, the integrity and security of your data are crucial for business resilience. Catalogic DPX leads in tape backup solutions, offering robust features and unparalleled device compatibility to ensure data safety and accessibility even in challenging scenarios. Complementing this, Spectra® tape libraries provide proven reliability, superior scalability, and optimal performance for protecting data at scale, from terabytes to exabytes. Trusted by over 10,000 customers, Spectra’s cost-effective solutions preserve, protect, and defend the world’s most valuable data—yours. Together, Catalogic DPX and Spectra deliver a comprehensive, dependable solution for enterprise data protection.

Key Features and Benefits

Unparalleled Tape Device Compatibility and Support

  • Wide Compatibility: Catalogic DPX supports a broad range of tape devices and media changers compliant with the SCSI-2 standard, including the latest LTO-9 technology.
  • Trusted Hardware: Compatible with leading tape media and qualified with Spectra tape libraries and other major brands.

Streamlined Tape Management

  • Traditional Tape Libraries: Provides consistent, high-level support for traditional tape libraries.
  • Simplified Management: Focuses on minimizing troubleshooting and supporting systems that are no longer vendor-supported.

Robust Backup and Recovery Capabilities

  • Patented Block-Level Protection: Reduces backup time and impact by up to 90% for physical and virtual servers.
  • Flexible Backup Solutions: Offers deduplication, compression, and replication to eliminate the need for expensive backup appliances and supports Spectra tape libraries.

Immutable and Secure Backups

  • Immutable Snapshots: Create secure, offline, air-gapped copies on tape and cloud object storage to protect against data alteration and premature deletion.
  • SDS Backup Repository Archive to Tape: Software-defined DPX vStor backup repository is a flexible and scalable  with robust tape archiving capabilities.
  • 3-2-1 Backup Strategy: Supports the 3-2-1 backup strategy (3 copies of your data, on 2 different media, with 1 copy off-site) to ensure comprehensive data protection.

Cost-Effective NDMP Backups

  • Economical Solution: Provides cost-effective NDMP backups to disk, tape, or cloud for NetApp or Isilon, and serves as a NetApp OSSV replacement.
  • Efficient Management: Ensures data protection and management in an economical manner.

About Spectra

Spectra Tape Library Products
Spectra® tape libraries deliver proven reliability, superior scalability and optimal performance for protecting data at scale. Whether files or objects, backups, or active and long-term archives, Spectra tape-based solutions cost-effectively safeguard your data—from terabytes to exabytes. Spectra is the brand trusted by more than 10,000 customers to preserve, protect and defend the world’s most valuable data—theirs.
About Spectra
Dedicated solely to data storage innovation for more than 40 years, Spectra Logic helps organizations modernize their IT infrastructures and protect and preserve their data with a broad portfolio of solutions that enable them to manage, migrate, store and preserve business data long-term, along with features to make them ransomware resilient, whether on-premises, in a single cloud, across multiple clouds, or in all locations at once.