vProtect for OpenStack delivers efficient and scalable backup & restore with full backups or incrementals (for QCOW2/RAW or Ceph RBD-based storage), drive-exclusion and single file restore. vProtect for OpenStack also supports name-based VM-to-policy auto assignment, as well as Pre/post snapshot command execution. 
How it works
vProtect is an enterprise backup solution for Open VM environments such as RedHat Virtualization, Nutanix Acropolis, Proxmox, Citrix XenServer, KVM etc. vProtect can operate standalone or integrate with your existing backup software. 
  • vProtect provides full and incremental backup to OpenStack Swift, both metadata and volumes. OpenStack works with KVM hypervisor running on QCOW2-based storage. Standalone deployments are also possible. vProtect can back up to any file system connected to the Proxy VM. In addition, data can be exported to OpenStack Swift. OpenStack also can restore individual files and has the option to exclude specific volumes and/or disks.
  • vProtect also allows you to setup periodic backup with your own scripts or application-native backup commands. These can be executed either on the Node or remotely over SSH. The application can reside anywhere: in a VM, Kubernetes deployement or on a physical box.

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Modernized Backup for Virtual Environments

vProtect is an enterprise backup solution for Open VM environments and containers, including Nutanix Acropolis, Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer), Red Hat Virtualization (RHEV), oVirt, KVM, Proxmox, Kubernetes, Amazon EC2 and more.
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Latest vProtect Release Adds OpenStack support, Updates for RHV/oVirt and Oracle VMs, plus more!

The latest update of vProtect brings new features to the Nebula release, first announced in April of this year. The new code drop, v 3.8.1, is available immediately and has a lot of nice additions. The big-ticket item is the first vProtect support for OpenStack. It comes with both full...

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