Catalogic Software+Debian
Catalogic has been supporting Linux systems for Data Protection for over 2 decades. Debian is one of the oldest operating systems based on the Linux Kernel, and yet popular with the system administrators. DPX extends its seamless file level backup and recovery capabilities to Debian Linux. Agentless Backup Methods are also available on a variety of hypervisors such as VMware and HyperV(DPX) and RedHat Virtualization, Nutanix Acropolis, KVM, Proxmox, OpenStack and more(vProtect).  
How it works
Catalogic DPX is an efficient and flexible all-purpose data protection solution supporting disk, tape and cloud.  Our patented block-level protection reduces backup time and impact by 90%, for both physical and virtual servers. 
  • Catalogic DPX provides File Level Backup and Restore functionality for Debian servers – Physical and Virtual.
  • Catalogic DPX allows backup to be done to a variety of backup destinations – tape, disk, Cloud S3 and Glacier.

Catalogic DPX: The Smart Choice in Data Protection

Catalogic DPX combines an easy-to-use, intuitive management interface with robust backup and recovery capabilities. Our patented block-level protection reduces backup time and impact by 90%, while delivering unprecedented reliability and backup success rates.
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