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DPX vPlus for Scale Computing HC3 is a backup solution for the hyper-converged Scale Computing solution. It allows you to centralize the management of complex virtual environments and reduce costs in the area of data protection
How it works
DPX vPlus is an enterprise backup solution for Open VM environments and HCI such as Scale Computing HC3. vPlus can operate standalone or integrate with DPX vStor.
  • Easy integration, providing access to robust data protection functionalities.
  • Choosing the optimal backup strategy
  • Tasks automation
  • Storing data in multiple locations if needed
  • Optimizing backup window based on performance reports
  • Fast and hassle-free data recovery, and more

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Open VM Backup for Scale Computing HC3

DPX vPlus is an enterprise backup solution for Scale Computing HC3 and other open virtual environments. vPlus enables VM-level protection for HyperCore and can function as a standalone solution or integrate with enterprise backup repositories such as DPX vStor.
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DPX vPlus for Open VMs –  Agentless Backups for Open VM and HCI Platforms

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