This summer we announced Catalogic DPX 4.8.1 with DPX GuardMode, a ground-breaking new feature for providing early detection of ransomware to the backup and storage team, that also pinpoints the extent of damage caused by cyber incidents. Combined with the comprehensive workload coverage of DPX and its instant recoveries, DPX customers will be among the best prepared to recover from a cyberattack.

We also introduced DPX vPlus to provide data protection for Microsoft 365 and open virtualization platforms. We are excited about these major new additions to DPX, and we encourage you to learn more from our latest DPX updates listed below, including our new blogs and upcoming and on-demand webinars.

DPX 4.8.1 Highlights
  • DPX GuardMode 
    This industry-leading service gives you the ability to change your security posture to be more proactive against ransomware by providing the ability to detect and get notified of suspicious behavior in your file systems and what files are potentially affected. Initially, this is for Windows only, and we’ll be adding Linux support by the end of the year.
  • Foundational Cyber Resilience 
    We migrated the DPX appliances to a different Linux distribution called AlmaLinux OS, an open-source, community-driven distribution that fills the gap left by CentOS when it discontinued stable releases. We updated the version of the distribution to the 8.5 release, which is 1:1 binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • vStor Management Updates 
    vStor Updater – This new feature adds the ability to update the appliance from within the vStor UI to new versions without having to interact with the underlying operating system CLI.Relationship Grouping – We have added a replication applet on the vStor Dashboard, which provides a graphical of the session status. We have also added the ability to group volumes in replication groups, where each volume will inherit the groups’ replication settings and schedule.
  • Virtualization Proxy 
    We released a pre-configured VMware Proxy virtual appliance to ease the deployment of a proxy server in the correct locations for optimized data transfer of the backup data. This is for VMware environments where DPX agentless for VMware is in use.
  • Deploying DPX and vStor Virtual Appliances in Hyper-V 
    The DPX and vStor appliances can now be deployed from a mounted ISO on the Hyper-V host and are completely installer driven.
  • Legal Hold for Amazon S3 Object Lock 
    You can now add a legal hold on your data on Amazon S3 to protect this data from being overwritten, even after the associated backup job has expired.
  • DPX Report Enhancements 
    All reports visible in the HTML5 GUI of DPX have been enhanced and now report on the full dataset of DPX.
DPX vPlus Overview
DPX vPlus for Microsoft 365 is a powerful data protection solution for Microsoft 365 and each of its components - Exchange Online, SharePoint Online,  OneDrive for Business and Teams. DPX vPlus for Open VMs supports platforms such as Nutanix Acropolis, KVM, Oracle VM, Proxmox, RHV/oVirt, and XenServer, along with Amazon EC2. DPX vPlus delivers greater workload coverage for an organization’s edge and cloud data, and it is one of the few solutions for Proxmox backup and recovery.
Upcoming Webinar

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