Why Microsoft 365 Backup is Still Needed

It’s a common misconception that SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365 have built in data protection. However, your data is always your responsibility, especially for meeting traditional backup, regulatory and compliance policies, and that’s where the big disconnect arises.

Join Aaron McCune and Brian Sietsma, Solutions Architects at Catalogic Software, for a discussion to learn:

  1. Why a backup strategy for Microsoft 365 is needed for your organization to protect against accidental deletion, retention policy gaps, and internal and external security threats.
  2. How to easily back up and manage retention policies for Microsoft 365 data for Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive using DPX vPlus.
  3. How to instantly recover Microsoft 365 components to the cloud or locally, without having to restore entire Exchange mailboxes, or Sharepoint sites.