Catalogic DPX solves VM Backup for Southern Utah University

Catalogic 05/11/2020 0 Comments

As the Southern Utah University (SUU) struggled with their data protection system, due to their infrastructure becoming heavily virtualized, Catalogic assisted in building their new system to make VM backup and restore fast and easy, while providing more space in their data center.
Like many organizations and companies, Southern Utah University needed help within their IT department. As their percentage of VMs approached 90%, backups became more difficult for them to handle. They began to schedule jobs with individual time slots that they could not keep up with, which in turn disrupted major parts of their backups. Their attempt to improve VM support with software changes seemed too complex—that is, until Catalogic was there to assist them.

Catalogic DPX backed up all the University’s VMs and physical servers to one single vStor appliance and a 19-TB DXi4800. At Catalogic, one of our main priorities is assuring our clients have a fast-acting support team for any difficulties or problems that may arise with any of our products. As said in SUU’s case study, “The configuration was simple, the support team quickly helped us through the usual startup glitches, and it works just as we had hoped. Scheduling backups has become a snap, and everything just works. We don’t need to watch over it or restart jobs anymore.”

Along with helping SUU with their backup troubles, we were also able to resolve their restore challenges. The University can now restore any single file from within a VM efficiently, along with it being designed to allow end users to restore single files themselves, with no additional help from IT. With DPX their files are available within minutes opposed to hours, which leaves IT more time to spend on other essential work that needs to be handled at their University.