23 Data Privacy Week Comments from Industry Experts in 2023

Catalogic 01/26/2023 0 Comments
As part of Data Privacy Week (January 22-28) we called for the industry’s best and brightest to share their Identity ManagementEndpoint Security, and Information Security comments. The experts featured represent some of the top Cybersecurity solution providers with experience in these marketplaces, and each projection has been vetted for relevance and ability to add business value.


Ken Barth, CEO at Catalogic Software

Digital transformation initiatives will continue to be a top corporate priority for 2023 given the early results in improving operational quality, scalability, and lowering costs. DevOps and agile processes in support of digital initiatives are in turn driving the usage of containers, with Kubernetes as the de-facto container orchestration and management platform. As these dynamic applications based on Kubernetes move into production and generate business-critical data, the data generated by these workloads needs to be backed up for business continuity and compliance purposes.

In 2023, organizations will adopt a multi-cloud Kubernetes strategy for flexibility, security, and cost savings. Given the public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are highly available and reliable, DevOps and IT Ops teams may believe that their data is safe and secure in the cloud, such that they don’t need to do backups. Your data is always your responsibility, whether it is in a public cloud, in a SaaS application, or on-premises, especially for meeting regulatory and compliance policies. It would be foolish in today’s world of geo-political disruptions, natural disasters, and security breaches to not also follow the data protection best practices for cloud workloads that you follow for on-premises ones.