Elevating SAP HANA Backup: Safeguarding Your Business’s Backbone

Da LI 08/25/2023 0 Comments


In the ever-evolving realm of business, SAP HANA stands as an indispensable cornerstone for myriad organizations, delivering potent database and data management capabilities. Ensuring the impregnability of your SAP HANA data through a regime of unwavering backups transcends mere good practice—it is a calculated strategic imperative.

The Necessity of Backup SAP HANA Data

Whether orchestrating On Premise SAP HANA systems or harnessing the dynamic potential of SAP HANA Cloud, the rationale behind data backup resonates profoundly:
1. Data Fortification and Rapid Recovery: The practice of regular backups provides a resilient safety net, ensuring the swiftest recovery from the depths of data loss, system glitches, or unexpected calamities. SAP HANA Cloud’s automated backups, attaining a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) as brisk as 15 minutes, adds an indispensable layer of data resilience.
2. Mitigation of Inherent Risks: Backups stand as the vanguard against potential menaces—ranging from data corruption and hardware hiccups to inadvertent deletions.
3. Conformance to Stringent Regulations: In a realm of stringent industry mandates, where data retention and shielded preservation are pivotal, regular backups stand as the sentinel ensuring compliance.
4. Adaptive Recovery Possibilities: SAP HANA backups offer a spectrum of adaptable data restoration timelines, aligning seamlessly with varying recovery requisites.
5. Sustaining Consistency and Wholeness: For denizens of the SAP HANA Cloud, automated backups perpetuate the most recent database integrity, guaranteeing data’s untarnished sanctity.
6. Mitigating Downtime Significantly: An adeptly executed backup strategy truncates downtime during system maintenance and unforeseen operational disruptions.
7. Synergy Across Hybrid Environments: Solutions synonymous with uniform data guardianship, spanning on-premises locales and cloud expanse, etch the epitome of uninterrupted operations.
8. Augmented Cloud Synthesis: Selective backup solutions offer the avant-garde capability of directly funneling backups to cloud terrains, elevating disaster recovery prospects.
9. Intrinsic Log and Data Backups: The SAP HANA Cloud landscape is marked by daily comprehensive data backups coupled with log data backups conducted at 15-minute intervals—a harmonious synergy for curbing data loss.
10. Economical and Uninterrupted Availability: SAP HANA Cloud’s inclusions encompass backup storage sans supplementary overheads, ensconcing data protection with an uninterrupted cadence.

Catalogic DPX: Your Solution for SAP HANA Backup

Catalogic DPX integrates with the SAP backint interfaces of SAP HANA to provide complete protection of the SAP HANA Data and Databases using native SAP HANA applications and tools.

Native Integration

SAP HANA administrators use SAP Tools every day to manage the databases and data protection as a critical part of these activities. Therefore, DPX has tightly integrated with the SAP native tools like SAP HANA Cockpit and Studio that Database administrators can easily start and schedule DPX SAP HANA Backups without having to access the DPX Management Console.

Point in time Recovery

DPX delivers point in time recovery of databases by levering the database andlog backups. By rolling forward logs on top of the backup data, DPX allows administrators to easily pick a specific point in time to recover the databases to. This allows our customers to pick up from where they left before the disaster struck.

Choose your destination – Disk, Tape, or Cloud

Disk, Tape or Cloud: DPX provides the ability to write SAP HANA backups to the destination of your choice: vStor (next generation storage agnostic backup repository built using modern open-source components and micro-services), Tape or the Cloud.

Highlights of Catalogic DPX for SAP HANA Backup:

  • Seamless Integration: Catalogic DPX allows for a smooth integration with SAP HANA, letting you maintain existing backup strategies through SAP HANA Studio. DPX is also one of the “backint for SAP HANA”
  • Optimal Performance: The use of Catalogic DPX minimizes impacts on performance, ensuring efficient backups without hindering system operations.
  • Monitoring and Management: The Catalogic DPX Master Server UI serves as a centralized hub for monitoring backup or restoration endeavors, providing users with real-time insights.
  • Hybrid Landscape Support: Catalogic DPX ensures uniform data protection across both on-premise and cloud setups, making it a versatile solution for varied organizational needs.
  • Ease of Installation: The Catalogic DPX Plug-in for SAP HANA can be effortlessly installed and configured, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Emboldening SAP HANA Data Security

Securing your SAP HANA data is a top priority. Regularly backing up your data not only keeps it safe but also helps you meet regulatory requirements and ensures that your business operations can continue without data loss. Catalogic DPX provides seamless integration, vigilant monitoring, and unwavering support for your SAP HANA data protection. With SAP HANA at the forefront, Catalogic DPX steps up as your safeguard, keeping your precious data secure.

Ready to embark on the journey of reinforcing your SAP HANA data? Click here to request a Catalogic DPX demo or reach out to us with any questions. Your secure data’s protection is just a step away.