Extend the capabilities of your AKS deployments with Kubernetes Apps on Azure Marketplace

Da LI 05/23/2023 0 Comments

CloudCasa is a simple yet powerful Kubernetes backup service, recognized recently by GigaOm as a Kubernetes Data Protection Leader and Outperformer.  Organizations can benefit from the service within minutes of signing up and skip the complexity of setting up a dedicated backup infrastructure. Furthermore, teams can centralize data protection across Kubernetes clusters deployed in both hybrid cloud as well as multi-cloud models. CloudCasa is fully compatible with the popular open-source backup tool Velero, enabling AKS users to centrally manage their Velero instances as well as perform a full stack AKS backup and recovery.


Using Kubernetes Apps, AKS customers can now easily find, subscribe to and deploy CloudCasa as an extension on any cluster delivering enterprise-grade, cloud-native data protection and management. With a one-click seamless deployment of CloudCasa, AKS customers can now centralize data protection across a multi-cluster environment, protect against ransomware, mobilize application copies for test/dev, and recover in alternate tenants and regions.


“With more customers choosing managed Kubernetes offerings such as AKS, it is obvious that they also choose to offload data protection to a managed service like CloudCasa. With one click installation and integrated billing, Azure is generously facilitating innovators like CloudCasa to access the trusted procurement channels Microsoft has built over several decades” said Yongkang He, a CNCF Ambassador and organizer of the fast-growing Kubernetes User Group


Get started with CloudCasa on the Azure Marketplace:  CloudCasa by Catalogic