CloudCasa Helps Overcome Day 2 K8s Challenges With Any2Cloud Recovery, Adds GKE Support

Da LI 10/12/2022 0 Comments

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Sathya Sankaran, COO of Catalogic and GM of CloudCasa, to discuss CloudCasa’s planned announcements at KubeCon. He goes into depth about how they are supporting the three major cloud providers and the challenges they are addressing. He also shares details on their e-Scooter giveaways at KubeCon.

Key highlights of this video interview are:

  • Sankaran explains that one of the company’s main focuses is around addressing day two challenges within the Kubernetes ecosystem, such as, back-up, disaster recovery, and security. He explains that last KubeCon, CloudCasa by Catalogic brought in the concept of cyber resilience and he talks about what their key announcements at this KubeCon will be.
  • CloudCasa has been adding support for all the three major public cloud providers. Sankaran tells us that a CNCF survey in 2021 indicated that 79% of respondents use Kubernetes-hosted platforms. He discusses the strong interest in EKS, AKS, and GKE and why this means there is more data in the cloud today due to Kubernetes and optimizing the experience with the cloud providers is needed. He discusses the security-first approach and how CloudCasa by Catalogic’s solution helps with this.
  • Sankaran discusses what can go wrong with the restore process in Kubernetes. He explains how they are making DevOps’ lives easier by capturing how the cluster is configured in the cloud providers and the other features they are providing to simplify the process.
  • Sankaran delves into the day two cloud recovery features offered by CloudCasa by Catalogic. He takes us through the challenges of restoring in different environments, such as, translating the cluster creation process and how CloudCasa helps with the process.
  • CloudCasa by Catalogic is natively integrated with the top three cloud providers now, but Sankaran feels a lot of their core functionalities remain the same. He explains that they identified some unique quirks across solutions, such as Azile Files, a file storage that can perform snapshots but needs Azure Portal to do a restore. He discusses the company’s capabilities to support a CSI driver natively and address the complexity of GKE’s concept of private cluster.
  • Sankaran explains why people should stop by their booth at KubeCon to have any questions answered or to see live demos of all the features. He also implores people to stop by even if they are just dealing with the challenges in the ecosystem. He says they will have more developers than sales and marketing people on the booth on hand to answer queries. He shares details of their e-Scooter giveaways too.

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