International Women’s Day 2023

The theme of 2023 International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity. Equity ensures we recognize that not all people start from the same place and we must acknowledge and adjust imbalances. Equity means providing every woman with different resources and opportunities required to reach an equal outcome. The intention of celebrating International Women’s Day is not to make us women powerful. We are already powerful. It is about influencing the rest of the world views our strength. It’s about creating awareness, educating, and giving strength to every woman who thinks she is being suppressed or deprived of her right. 

For me, awareness should first begin in every household. It is important to learn how to respect a women’s existence and opinions. As parents of two boys, it’s our joint responsibility to educate them about equity, which is being fair and just to all. We must break down barriers and pave the way for future generations of women. If the new generation is not educated, then this struggle to create a better place for all shall never end. 

When the home is educated, it’s now time for the organizations to be educated too and that is only possible by creating an equitable workplace for woman. Organizations should provide different supports to make it possible for women to have equal access to the opportunities. The workplace needs to ensure promotions, pay scale, business involvement is not gender biased instead is driven by skillset, knowledge, experience, innovation of an individual. 

Catalogic has an inclusive workplace culture where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to and influence every part of the product growth. It strikes a perfect work-life balance and is very accommodating. When the CloudCasa service was under development, I was given the opportunity to work on it. The technology was completely new, but I had ample time, guidance, and resources to learn and contribute efficiently. It is a great place to work where you have opportunities to develop your skillsets, and equal importance is given to an employee’s family time. We are happier, more productive, and loyal. Everyone benefits. 

I truly believe that your work should speak for yourself, and if you find things not equitable, take appropriate actions and don’t be hesitant. We have the ability in us to face the challenges at home or at work to achieve professional development. Being a woman, you are learning new technologies, contributing to the company’s success, working day in and out just like any other fellow male employee. Organizations must be adaptable and willing to work to ensure everyone’s success equally. Equity is the pathway to true equality. 

Together we can all help forge an equal world. Let’s all embrace equity today and always.