Recap of KubeCon+CloudNativeCon 2022

Catalogic 11/14/2022 0 Comments
A few days ago took place in Detroit, MI, the North America KubeCon and CloudNativeCon conferences and it was once again a rush. For quite some time but Kubecon reminds us the OpenStack old days, same atmosphere, keynotes speakers don’t wear any jacket but instead a T-shirt being the costume of choice. Same remark for the average age of attendees, DevOps is essentially a job for 20 to 30 years old people with a vast majority of male.

But numbers for the CNCF are impressive with

  • 140 projects,
  • 176,000+ contributors,
  • 850+ members,
  • 1,000+ maintainers,
  • 172+ end-users,
  • over 7 million cloud native developers for 187 countries.

Clearly something is happening with a real ecosystem effervescence, we count around 300 exhibitors, all kind of sponsors included.

The organizer claimed 8,000 physical attendees for the conference and the exact same number for online participation. A bit strange, too good to be true and why these same and whole numbers, it creates a doubt.

We mentioned above OpenStack but there is here a major difference with it. OpenStack is an infrastructure play and Kubernetes is really workloads and applications oriented with developers in mind, thus targeting different populations. It’s true and false as Kubernetes also introduced some infrastructure services. And among these, networking and storage are key ones with the latter considered differently in the Kubernetes community.