Kubernetes monitoring best tools

Catalogic 03/03/2023 0 Comments
With Kubernetes becoming a key gateway for container software development, efficient monitoring and management of the platform is critical. Antony Savvas considers some of the best tools to help do it

Patrick Smith, field CTO of EMEA for Pure Storage, says of the requirements: “Many applications are relatively simple, lightweight and state-less. For these, a relatively vanilla Kubernetes implementation may be sufficient.

“But as organisations look at using Kubernetes for more business-critical production applications, the surrounding ecosystem becomes critical in delivering performance, monitoring and observability, resilience, and the ability to host persistent data. These functions go beyond the scope of the core Kubernetes platform. Organisations are then faced with the decision of whether to build, adopt or buy these capabilities.”

Craig Robinson, research vice president for security services at analyst house IDC, adds: “As organisations rapidly adopt Kubernetes to scale their DevOps, a lack of in-house skills will undoubtedly challenge teams. Security operations teams need coverage of every app, endpoint, network, and more, and resource-constrained teams can’t become experts on every new vector overnight.”

“Adding a customisable, integrated approach to securing Kubernetes that allows security operations teams to get up and running quickly is becoming a must-have capability for modern organisations.”