Kubernetes backup using CloudCasa

Da LI 04/06/2022 0 Comments

Kubernetes, over the years, has become the defacto standard for running containerized applications and it is also now growing in terms of running VM workloads side by side containers using the projects like KubeVirt. Running stateless workloads on Kubernetes is not the case these days, people are running databases and other stateful workloads on Kubernetes as well using persistent volume and persistent volume claim. In any case the need for Kubernetes backup and restore strategy should be in place from day1. You cannot wait for things to go wrong or data to get corrupted.

There are different solutions out there that can help you with your strategy but in this post, I will focus on CloudCasa. CloudCasa is a simple backup service that allows Kubernetes users to run CSI snapshots across unlimited clusters for free. Improves your cyber resilience by also delivering free vulnerability assessments on what you protect. Let me know if you want me to write a few posts on Kanister, Longhorn, Velero wrt Kubernetes backup.

Let us try to understand it with a complete end to end example.