Catalogic Software adds newer detection and backup capabilities

Da LI 07/12/2022 0 Comments

Catalogic Software has announced the latest version of its DPX enterprise data protection software, DPX 4.8.1, which now includes GuardMode for early detection of ransomware, and DPX vPlus, cloud backup support for Microsoft 365 and other open virtualization platforms.

Catalogic DPX is a proprietary data protection platform that offers the capability to backup data and applications from virtualized machines.

According to Catalogic COO Sathya Sankaran, VMWare and HyperV make up about 80% of the virtualization hypervisor market, while the remaining 20% is attributed to a mix of players, including Microsoft 365, and various open source options such as XenServer, Oracle VM, KVM, RedHat, Acropolis, OpenStack and RHV/oVirt. Catalogic DPX vPlus will provide support for these other hypervisors that are “usually neglected” by other backup solutions, according to Sankaran.

GuardMode tracks file changes for early detection

GuardMode is a new feature for early detection of ransomware and will come at no additional cost for existing DPX subscribers. The feature builds on Microsoft’s filter driver, to monitor file shares and file system behavior.

While block changes are more common than file changes and are usually looked at from incremental backups, GuardMode also focuses on file systems to register if a certain file is frequently opened and made changes to.

Depending on the frequency of the changes made to files and by comparing them against a list of patterns from publicly available database, GuardMode detects the ransomware strain and calls in remediation.

Additionally, owing to the underlining technique, GuardMode is also capable of pinpointing the affected files from an impending ransomware attack and thereby selectively rolls them back to facilitate an efficient recovery.

Usually, ransomware recovery includes brute forcing your way back to production five days ago and this includes not just the affected files, but genuine employee-made changes on files and codes, Sankaran added.

GuardMode will go live on July 12, while DPX vPlus will be live a week later, on July 19. While GuardMode is provided complimentary with DPX subscription, vPlus will be available at an additional cost.