Availability of CloudCasa BaaS Platform Self-Hosted Option for Enterprises and Service Providers from CloudCasa by Catalogic

Catalogic 11/07/2023 0 Comments
CloudCasa by Catalogic, announced that its CloudCasa BaaS platform is available as a self-hosted option for enterprises and service providers.

This deployment option has all the features and ease of use of the SaaS version and offers full control and enhanced sovereignty for enterprises with air-gapped clusters. It further allows organizations to provide self-service backup and recovery to their developers with single sign-on authentication and granular role-based access control.

This self-hosted option will make its public debut at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023, November 6-9 in Chicago, IL, where the company is a sponsor of the event. Also being introduced are single sign-on integration for enterprise SaaS customers and enhanced Velero onboarding and support services.

CloudCasa protects Kubernetes environments and provides a cyber-resilient, hybrid and cloud integrated DR service for cloud native applications. It was the first ‘born in the cloud’ Kubernetes dedicated backup service and is open-source compatible and complementary via . It supports a number of Velero installations across multiple clusters and cloud providers with single sign-on, role-based access control, and enterprise management and monitoring features.

While CloudCasa is recognized as the best backup service for Kubernetes, we’ve received feedback from organizations that require an isolated on-premises solution or a self-hosted solution in a cloud platform of their choice. We already support cloud private links and on-premises backup storage, helping customers protect data without exposing backup traffic to the public Internet. Our new self-hosted option allows control and catalog traffic flow to be private as well, making it suitable for air-gapped and highly regulated environments,” said Sathya Sankaran, GM. “The CloudCasa self-hosted solution accommodates enterprise customers with stringent data sovereignty obligations due to regulatory mandates or risk mitigation guidelines.”

Enterprises that rely on open-source Velero can install CloudCasa without any disruption to their current operations to provide enterprise monitoring, management and control of their Velero installations across multiple clusters from the dashboard of CloudCasa.