Ken Barth is Catalogic’s Chief Executive Officer. Ken has over 20 years of management

James Gellert

President & CFO
James has over twenty years of experience as an investor in private and public

Sathya Sankaran

Strategic Advisor
Sathya has helped guide Catalogic products and marketing for 10 plus years, most

Mike Miracle

Strategic Advisor
Mike Miracle helped guide Catalogic product marketing and strategy for the past 5 plus

Raghuram Devarakonda

Chief Software Architect (CSA)
Raghuram Devarakonda is Chief Software Architect (CSA) of Catalogic Software and

Michael Feygin

Director of Customer Support
Michael joined Syncsort as a support engineer for its legacy mainframe product. Over

Pawel Staniec

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
As Chief Technology Officer of Catalogic Software, Pawel’s key responsibilities include

Ryan Kaw

VP of Global Sales
As Vice President of Global Sales, Ryan is responsible for the company’s sales strategy