Michael Feygin

Director of Customer Support

Michael joined Syncsort as a support engineer for its legacy mainframe product. Over the years Michael witnessed the rapid growth of IT industry – from assembly language to Python, from DASD to networked storage, from siloed datacenters to the Cloud. And as Catalogic Software grew out of Syncsort, Michael grew from an Associate Software Engineer to a Senior Manager. Regardless of Michael’s position or the product he is responsible for, customer service has always mattered to him. Michael has discovered that most customers need an attentive ear, timely and informed responses, and solutions to match. Adhering to these principles has allowed Michael to effectively run a highly rated support organization. Besides managing support group, Michael applies vast experience to assist the DPX Product Manager to ensure the success of the new revamped product. Michael holds an EE degree from St. Petersburg State Transport University and MS CS from Brooklyn Polytechnic University (currently New York University).