Data Protection for Scale Computing HyperCore Environments with DPX vPlus

For years, Catalogic’s DPX vPlus (previously known as vProtect) has been providing enterprise data protection for open source hypervisors that have been overlooked by the big backup vendors. While users of VMware and Hyper-V are never short on options when it comes to finding a trustworthy backup provider, including our own Catalogic DPX, the same is not true for the backup and recovery of open hypervisor or open virtual machine (VM) environments. 

Many organizations are using open VM environments to save on licensing costs, and similarly, many of the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) vendors have their own hypervisors based on open source. These include Citrix Hypervisor, Huawei FusionCompute. KVM, Nutanix AHV, OpenStack, Oracle VM, RHEV/RHV, oVirt, PowerKVM, Proxmox, Scale Computing HC3 HyperCore, XCP-NG, and Xen.  However, the difficulty is that with these different hypervisors, there are not very many trustworthy solutions out there for VM backup and recovery of these environments and their data, for compliance and business continuity, including recovery from ransomware.

That is where DPX vPlus comes in as a standalone data protection solution, or it can be integrated with our enterprise DPX solution for ransomware protection, governance, and compliance. And now with its latest release, DPX vPlus version 5 supports Scale Computing HyperCore, or HC3 as it was previously known as.  


Scale Computing HyperCore is a KVM-based virtualization platform that is delivered as appliance.  It provides a simplified, scalable, cost-effective alternative to other edge computing and HCI solutions from Dell, HPE, Huawei, Nutanix VMware, and others.  However, like many of these HCI solutions, there is a gap when it comes to enterprise data protection and disaster recovery.  While HyperCore does have its own native snapshot capabilities to restore locally from, there is still a need to store full data backups off-site and on different media, for compliance, governance and even ransomware protection. That is why it is very important to utilize a robust backup storage solution like DPX vStor for this purpose. 

DPX vPlus allows Scale Computing users to perform agentless backup and recovery of the data for their HyperCore or HC3 environments to a backup destination of their choice. The list of supported destinations includes local file systems, NFS shares, cloud object storage like Amazon S3 or Backblaze, or DPX vStor. DPX vPlus itself is a software solution that runs as a virtual appliance with an easy-to-use user interface where backup and recovery policies can be defined for each specific use case, hypervisor, or backup storage destination 
Additional features specific to Scale Computing HyperCore or HC3 include full and incremental backups, name- and tag-based policy assignment, as well as the ability to include pre- and post-snapshot command execution.   

If you are an existing Scale Computing user, or are looking at Scale Computing HyperCore as an alternative to another HCI environment, and you would like to learn more about how DPX vPlus can protect your data, please check out the following resources:  

Or if you are ready to jump right in, request a live DPX vPlus demo now to see how DPX vPlus can be deployed to backup Scale Computing HyperCore and open VM platforms to provide granular VM-level data protection, disaster recovery and compliance.