Where Did My File Go?
Many IT admins have had their day ruined by users asking a simple question: “Where did my file go?” It’s a common request: users delete files by mistake, drag and drop them into the wrong sub-directory, overwrite a new file with an old one, and so on.

It’s easy to understand the problem, but not so easy to solve it. In NetApp file environments, there is no central file catalog that lets you easily find and restore one or more files. All you can do is spend time looking for the file needle in the storage haystack, or – as often happens – simply deny the recovery request.

We have a better way!!

Sure, we can find it with RestoreManager!
RestoreManager creates a central, online file index of every NetApp snapshot, giving you a single catalog-based view into your files. You can search snapshots using multiple criteria and restore files and folders right from within RestoreManager with a single click. RestoreManager also provides detailed file analytics.

What’s more, RestoreManager indexes both primary and secondary storage. That’s important because primary snapshots are usually only maintained for a few days. By also indexing SnapMirror and SnapVault destination volumes, you can find older versions of files that have been moved off your primary storage.

With RestoreManager, you can truly use NetApp Snapshot, SnapVault and SnapMirror technologies for filer backup and get away from slower backup processes. RestoreManager fills the array copy gap of not having a searchable file index.

How RestoreManager Works?
Immediately after a new Snapshot of a volume has been generated, RestoreManager uses the SnapDiff API to gather the relevant metadata from the files and folders and loads this data to its central database. Searching is now easy with this central index in place. A single click restores the files you find to a specific folder or to their original location.

  • Reliable backup that works
  • Rapid recovery when you need it
  • An open storage model
  • A first-class support team
  • Affordable, easy to understand licensing
Additional Features

Flexible Choice of Indexing Strategy

RestoreManager can selectively index primary systems only, secondary systems only, or both. The choice is up to the users and depends on file recovery requirements.

Solution Architecture

RestoreManager supports all versions of the ONTAP operating system for NetApp primary storage systems. For NetApp SnapVault and SnapMirror targets, RestoreManager works with ONTAP and NetApp Cloud Backup (formerly AltaVault).

RestoreManager uses the Elasticsearch database, an open source solution that has excellent scalability, performance, load balancing and availability.

Data Analytics

RestoreManager also includes a full Kibana dashboard for creating data analytics reports. Data reporting is included at no additional cost.

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