“Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, our progress in further expanding our global installed base to major new customers including a large medical research and health services entity, educational institutes, and manufacturing companies is keeping us on our plan,” said Sathya Sankaran, COO of Catalogic Software. “The importance of giving back has never been stronger, so we are extending our free trials to 180 days to help struggling small businesses benefit from our solutions at no cost. Heading into 2021, we are repositioning our solutions as a Smart Data Suite that includes freemium offerings, and we will introduce a beta release of a new cloud-native container backup service.”

Catalogic’s ecosystem of strategic partnerships with key industry players such as IBM, HPE, Pure, and NetApp continue to drive new channel revenue opportunities. Catalogic DPX easily enables significant data protection and copy data management cost reductions and productivity enhancements for enterprise organizations. Catalogic’s open source KubeDR, automated backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes clusters, provides basic data protection for Kubernetes Clusters has been downloaded over 500,000 times this year.

Additional highlights that have contributed to Catalogic’s success include:

  • Adding over 40 new employees across the globe including opening a new development site in Pune, India.
  • Launching CDM to the HPE reseller channel with application-consistent snapshot management for HPE Nimble Storage systems.
  • Continuing the CDM partnership with IBM Storage, and added support for offload to public clouds and object storage for Pure FlashArrays by leveraging Pure CloudSnap to S3 and Pure FlashBlade and by replication to Pure Cloud Block Store.
  • Adding SAP-certified protection and recovery via DPX for SAP HANA Databases and support for cloud object storage.
  • Supporting strong demand for ransomware detection and recovery for NetApp filers.

Catalogic manages snapshot, replication, and cloning of existing storage and virtual infrastructure in a customer environment. Catalogic customers manage snapshot SLAs and self-service recovery for virtual machines through its central platform and clone application servers with hundreds of SQL Databases, multi-TB Oracle RACs and large SAP HANA deployments.

Catalogic DPX provides robust backup and recovery capabilities. Its patented block-level protection reduces backup time and impact by 90%, for both physical and virtual servers. Files and applications are easily recovered directly from backup storage. Companies can build their own backup targets to meet their unique performance and capacity requirements, without having to rely on expensive single-purpose appliances.

Visit us at NetApp Insight 2020 and KubeCon 2020 to learn more about our offerings. More information is also available at our relaunched website: https://catalogicsoftware.com/

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About Catalogic Software
Catalogic’s mission is to enable IT organizations to protect and leverage their data, delivering significant reductions to CAPEX and OPEX while providing superior services to the organization. With its Smart Data Suite of products and client services, Catalogic helps clients protect, recover, manage, secure, orchestrate and make use of their backup and copy data across their enterprise and cloud in support of mission critical IT functions including disaster recovery, test/dev, DevOps, next generation data protection, and business analytics. Learn more at https://www.catalogicsoftware.com.

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