ECX in-place copy data management (CDM) for Pure Storage simplifies and automates operation of your Pure Storage infrastructure through comprehensive management of Pure Storage FlashArray snapshots, replication and clones, without the need for any scripting.

How it works
Catalogic ECX is Copy Data Management (CDM) software that can bring modernization to an existing environment without disruption. ECX delivers “in-place” copy data management to enterprise storage arrays, allowing the IT team to make use of its existing infrastructure and data in a manner that is efficient, automated, scalable and easy to use.
  • The speed and effectiveness of development and test processes are most often limited by the time it takes to provision IT infrastructure. Typical organizations take weeks to deploy infrastructure; even the most efficient can take several days. With Catalogic ECX and Pure Storage, Dev-Test or DevOps infrastructure can be spun up in minutes, either on an automated, scheduled basis or with push-button ease on demand.
  • By providing an application- and VMware copy management software layer, ECX reduces copy sprawl, simplifies data protection and disaster recovery, and delivers value-adding use cases such as automated infrastructure deployment for Dev-Test or DevOps.
  • Catalogic’s in-place CDM approach has significant advantages over alternatives in that it requires no additional infrastructure for the user to purchase and manage, and leverages the existing Pure Storage environment rather than requiring the creation of a fully redundant environment for the copies of the production data.

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