New Year, familiar challenges

Upgrading your backup software is an often overlooked yet critical task. As you set your New Year’s resolutions, why not include a commitment to regular backups?

Picture backup as your ultimate line of defense against data loss and corruption. In the face of cyber threats, a robust backup not only ensures quick recovery but also mitigates damages.

Backup Basics

Prioritizing your backup upgrade should be a top New Year’s resolution. Learn why by watching our webinar, featuring Martin Phan, Field CTONorth America at Catalogic.

Speaking of upgrades, the fresh-off-the-boat DPX 4.10 has landed, and this is what it brings to the table:

  1. Simplify Your Backup and Restore: The HTML5 GUI’s integration with file backup and restore jobs makes the process more intuitive and user-friendly, significantly simplifying setup processes for both cloud and disk directory devices, as well as catalog management.
  2. Enhance Flexibility in Job Scheduling: The new HTML5 GUI feature for managing Condense job schedules offers greater control and flexibility, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and allowing for more tailored backup and restore task scheduling.
  3. Boost VMware Backup and Virtualization Performance: The addition of VMware backup job archive schedule management in the HTML5 GUI, combined with the upgrade to VMware VDDK 8.0, significantly improves the management and performance of VMware backups, ensuring robust virtualization support for advanced systems like RHEL8 and RHEL9.
  4. Enhanced Backup Storage Management: Integrates volume migration between pools and optimized ZFS settings, offering improved flexibility, efficiency, and performance in storage resource management.
  5. Advanced Operations and Security: Incorporates advanced telemetry functionality, pre-installed DPX Client, and critical security updates, simplifying setup, enhancing monitoring, and ensuring robust data protection.

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A Special Bonus

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