At the core of DPX 4.10 lies a pivotal feature: Volume Migration Between Pools. Anticipated and shaped by user feedback, this feature delivers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in managing your storage resources—a crucial necessity in today’s dynamic data landscape.

Join us on February 21st at 10 am EST, as we talk about capabilities of DPX 4.10, which are about redefining your entire data protection strategy. Discover how Enhanced File Backup & Restore, along with our innovative Cloud & Disk Directory Device Setup, come together to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the complex challenges of today’s data environments.

 Moreover, we’ll explore the critical importance of regular backup software upgrades—a cornerstone of our advocacy for robust data protection.

Join our experts to learn how you can solidify your data security strategy.

Martin Phan, the Field CTO for CloudCasa and Catalogic Software in North America, with two decades of experience and specializes in helping customers with their data backup and recovery needs.