Fast Ransomware Recovery Using Your Backup Data social

During this webinar, we’re going to review a specific ransomware recovery case study with Casey Letizia, Director of IT at CreditGuard. We will then review how DPX provides ransomware detection and granular recovery to quickly recover your data and systems from future attacks, including:

  • How to utilize DPX for ransomware recovery and other DPX benefits
  • Storage evolution and the role of data drotection solutions
  • Plans for handling future malware threats

Combined with the comprehensive workload coverage of DPX and instant recoveries, backup and storage teams using DPX will be among the best prepared to detect and recover from a cyberattack.

Aaron McCune, Host and Solutions Architect at Catalogic Software

Brian Sietsma, Solutions Architect at Catalogic Software
Casey Letizia, Group IT Manager, CreditGuard