Affordable and Reliable Backup with Ransomware Protection
Whether it is ransomware attacks, human error or IT outages, every business needs an affordable and reliable data protection solution to backup and instantly recover data.

Join this webinar to learn how Catalogic DPX assists companies to protect your backup data and quickly recover data from ransomware attacks, with the following key capabilities: 

  • Integrated ransomware protection – Backups are stored as immutable snapshots and can be offloaded to cloud storage as offline, air-gapped copies, with real-time reporting that provides ransomware awareness. 
  • Support for the 3-2-1-1 rule – Robust data protection solution with verified scheduled recoveries for automated recovery testing. 
  • Encryption of backup data in transit and at rest – Data is encrypted over the network and at rest, ensuring that backup data cannot be accessed without the encryption key. 
  • Secure cloud integration with Object Lock Support –Send backup data to object storage and set compliance and governance modes, so it cannot be modified or deleted, even by an administrator. 
  • Secure data protection for all your key systems – Quick, reliable backup for physical and virtual environments covering a wide range of enterprise applications, with rapid recovery. 

Finally, we have some exciting enhancements coming with pro-active ransomware detection to tell you about, as we continue to push the boundaries to protect your data from ransomware. 

Can’t make it? Don’t worry. You can still register and view an on-demand recording of the presentation.