CreditGUARD, America’s leading debt-free credit counseling agency, experienced what many organizations fear most – a ransomware attack. However, thanks to the secure data protection offered by Catalogic DPX, they quickly recovered all lost data and ensured business continuity. Prior to implementing DPX, CreditGUARD relied on a legacy backup solution that was both costly and unreliable. Their transition to the more efficient DPX vStor backup storage, enabled block-level snapshots of their SQL servers, creating the backbone of their updated backup strategy.

When confronted with the ransomware threat, the critical role of their investment in DPX became clear. The robust DPX system, featuring multiple authentication layers, remained untouched by the attack. Simultaneously, their data, preserved in immutable vStor snapshots, was immediately ready for recovery.

As Network Manager, Casey Letizia stated:
“Without the secure data protection and ransomware protection offered by DPX, CreditGUARD could have found itself negotiating with cybercriminals or facing possible business shutdown.”

The consistent reliability of Catalogic DPX resonates with Letizia’s experience and views. The platform’s commitment to continuous enhancements ensures ongoing new value and solid data protection. Through this case study, the significant benefits of a secure, reliable, and evolving backup solution are highlighted. In a time marked by escalating cyber threats, please download the PDF file to see more details.