KubeDR provides simple and automated backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes cluster configuration (etcd backup), certificates, and metadata.

KubeRD was the predeccsory to CloudCasa, a powerful and easy to use Kubernetes and cloud database backup as a service for DevOps and IT Ops teams. Join this webinar to learn about CloudCasa and our generous free service tier with a 5 TB promotion with your choice of Azure cloud storage or Amazon S3 regions to store backups in air-gapped storage for ransomware protection.

Developers and DevOps teams can start using CloudCasa and get real value from the service with no strings attached, no credit card required. Backup your Kubernetes resources and application data to support data protection, disaster recovery, and compliance requirements for cloud native applications.
The 5 TB promotion for early registrants adds to the generous free service tier that already delivers snapshots for free on unlimited clusters and worker nodes, and also includes Amazon RDS snapshot management with multi-region copies.


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