Catalogic ECX Oracle Backup and Restore on HPE Nimble

Catalogic ECX demo of Oracle backup and restore for HPE Nimble Storage. ECX supports multiple Physical (iSCSI, FC) and Virtual (VMDKs, pRDMs) configurations of Oracle on Nimble Storage. Using direct API integration into the application server, the hypervisor, and the storage infrastructure, ECX can make calls to discover the storage layout residing on Nimble Storage volumes. ECX orchestrates the necessary operations to the storage platform in order to create an application consistent copy of that database through a storage snapshot. A zero footprint database clone can be spun up from a snapshot to be used for a variety of use cases including test/dev or production mode point in time restore back to the original or alternate database server. In addition, ECX can perform operations to further mask the copy of the database for DevOps use cases.

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