Woodcliff Lake, NJ — May 19, 2016 —

Catalogic Software, a leading provider of in-place copy data management, today announced that Tectrade has joined the Catalogic partner program to bring Catalogic’s ECX copy data management platform to its customers in the United Kingdom.  Tectrade is a leading MSP providing data protection, storage solutions, big data and cloud managed services.   

Catalogic’s ECX platform delivers “in-place” copy data management, allowing the IT team to make optimal use of its existing infrastructure and data in a manner that is efficient, automated, scalable and easy to use.  Catalogic enables IT to deliver the data access required for its internal and external customers to meet mission critical operations including data protection, disaster recovery, test and development and others. With automation, orchestration and self-service functionality, ECX allows the IT team to modernize their operations using existing storage and virtualization infrastructure without disruption.

The Catalogic solution is a natural fit for Tectrade.  With over 25 years of experience at the cutting edge of data management, Tectrade delivers proven, enterprise-class solutions, and has a customer list that spans industries and continents. The company’s expertise and experience ensure its data solutions are supported by proven, enterprise-class technologies, including IBM Tivoli StorageManager,  IBM Enterprise Storage, IBM Optim, IBM Guardium, IBM Enterprise Storage, IBM PureData and IBM Pureflex.  As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Tectrade was recognized with two 2015 Centre for Technical Excellence (CoTE) awards.

“As we speak with clients, we see the increased importance in the role of data management in support of their most important IT functions,” said Alex Fagioli, CEO of Tectrade. “As we analyzed solutions, we recognized that Catalogic is the ideal platform to augment how we assist existing and prospective clients who are looking to improve operations without significant disruption or taking on extensive new capital costs.  Tectrade is excited to join Catalogic’s partner program and bring Catalogic’s copy data management solution, ECX, to our customers.”

“We are excited to welcome Tectrade to the Catalogic family of partners,” said Ed Walsh, CEO of Catalogic Software. “They are an ideal business partner to bring copy data management to the UK market, as their deep experience in storage and data management gives them a solid understanding of both the client challenges, and the requirements for a comprehensive solution.  Their selection of Catalogic is a real endorsement of our in-place copy data management approach.”

About Catalogic Software

Catalogic Software is the market’s leading software provider of intelligent Copy Data solutions. Founded in 1996 and with thousands of customers worldwide, Catalogic’s mission is to enable IT organizations to leverage their copy data, delivering significant reductions to CAPEX and OPEX while providing superior services to the business.  With its software products, Catalogic helps clients Manage, Orchestrate and Analyze their Copy Data across their enterprise and cloud in support of mission critical IT functions including disaster recovery, test/dev, DevOps, next generation data protection, and business analytics. Catalogic has a state-of-the-art Partner Program, and its products are sold exclusively through its global network of distributors and value-added resellers.  Visit the Catalogic Partner page at catalogicsoftware.com/our-partners and download a free trial version to see the impact of ECX firsthand at: https://catalogicsoftware.com/products/request-a-demo-or-trial

About Tectrade

Tectrade are a leading global data management services and solutions provider. We work in partnership with our clients to better control, protect and optimise this business-critical resource, reducing cost and risk along the way. For organisations who create, consume, move and analyse large volumes of data, Tectrade provides a comprehensive range of data management services, helping them Control and manage the explosion of enterprise data, reduce the direct and associated costs of managing data and make better business decisions using trusted, real-time data. This means our clients can focus on their core business – i.e. what they’re experts in. To find out more about us please visit www.tectrade.com

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