Woodcliff Lake, NJ — Aug 31, 2016 —

Catalogic Software, the leading provider of software-defined copy data management (CDM), today announced support for IBM FlashSystem A9000and FlashSystem A9000R. All-flash storage arrays and CDM are naturally complementary as both directly address the need to optimize IT performance, increase storage efficiency and reduce operational overhead across a number of use cases and, in particular, when running database workloads. The joint solution is on display this week at VMworld, in Catalogic’s booth #721.  It will also be featured next month at IBM’s annual data center infrastructure tradeshow–IBM Edge 2016– in Catalogic’s Booth #115.

“Our customers have told us in no uncertain terms that the combination of all-flash storage, database workloads and copy data management is the step forward in IT modernization that they’ve been waiting for,” said Ken Barth, CEO, Catalogic Software. “With this new support for IBM FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R, we’ve brought our unique, in-place copy data platform to a storage array noted for its performance and data efficiency. Together, we can drive enormous efficiencies across key use cases such as data protection and disaster recovery, Dev-Test automation and DevOps, and reporting and business analytics.”

Because Catalogic ECX provides application-aware management of both snapshots and replication for critical enterprise database workloads such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2, it perfectly complements those users who are moving high transaction workloads to all-flash storage.

“Data is the new currency.  Not only accessing and analyzing that data in real time with systems like IBM FlashSystem, but also managing all of the copies of your data across your datacenter,” said Kevin Powell, Director and Business Line Executive, Flash and Cloud Storage at IBM. “By adding FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R to the existing support for the all-flash IBM FlashSystem V9000, Catalogic is driving the efficiency of our user’s systems by enabling the use of Tier 1 AFAs as a complete data center environment, uniformly supporting production, development and test.”

“Catalogic is continuing to expand its copy data management eco-system to new platforms. Adding IBM FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R is a natural next step and rounds out their support for the IBM storage family,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director, at IDC. “In particular, the combination of all-flash, database workloads and CDM can enable the best of all worlds, whereby organizations can optimize capacity management and performance simultaneously. By automating many time consuming data copy operations, CDM solutions like Catalogic can make IT operations faster, easier and more reliable. The savings can impact both operating and capital expenses.”  

The storage efficiency gains that customers enjoy through better copy management with ECX complement the native storage efficiencies of FlashSystem A9000 to form a powerful solution.  The innovative inline deduplication software of FlashSystem A9000 combined with compression software greatly extend the usable capacity of the storage.  Because it uses the native snapshot and replication engines of FlashSystem A9000, Catalogic takes full advantage of these built-in data reduction techniques to optimize storage economics.  The combination of space savings through proper CDM and the native dedupe and compression capabilities of FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R allow customers to extend the use of Flash to a broader set of workloads.   “All clients are looking to optimize their investments and save costs.   We see this joint Catalogic-IBM solution as a catalyst for Flash adoption in that it lowers the overall cost per workload that customers experience,” commented Barth.

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