Kubernetes Security Posture Review, Organization Support, and Cross-Cluster Restore

Catalogic Software continues to make great strides with its cloud native backup-as-a-service platform CloudCasa™. On February 7th we announced the availability of a number of major new features, including:

Security Posture Review

Keeping your data and applications safe is about more than just backups. CloudCasa now allows users to perform a security posture review on their Kubernetes clusters, and also on their related AWS cloud infrastructure. We provide this capability using a curated collection of best-of-breed open-source security tools. Results are stored and provided right in the UI under the new Security tab.

Kubernetes Cross-Cluster Restores

Users can now browse and map the available storage classes in the source and destination cluster when restoring. When performing cross-account Kubernetes restores in AWS, the system will now automatically handle changing volume IDs for PVs. Additionally, when creating an EKS cluster on restore, CloudCasa now allows customization of the IAM role, security group, VPC group etc. to be used in the new account.

Selective Restore of Kubernetes Resources by Type

When doing a restore of a Kubernetes cluster, you can now select exactly which types of resources you would like to restore. In the restore wizard you can select from discovered resource types or enter them manually. The default is to restore all resource types as before.

Organization Support

This allows multiple user logins to share access to an account and the resources within it by creating an organization. You can set your organization name and invite additional users to join it. A user can belong to multiple organizations, but can only have one at a time active in the UI. Basic role-based access control (RBAC) support is included, with more advanced RBAC coming soon.

Azure Blob Storage

When we released the Bring Your Own Storage feature in December, we promised that support for user-supplied Azure blob storage would be coming soon. Now it’s here!

Agent Auto-Updates

Updating agents can be a drag, and not having the latest agent can prevent you from using the latest CloudCasa features. So we’re happy to announce that the CloudCasa Kubernetes agent has been re-designed so that it can now update itself automatically.
CloudCasa was recently named in the GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection as a ‘Fast Mover’ entering the Leader’s Circle.
CloudCasa was named a winner of the TMC 2021 Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award!
The Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award recognizes technologies and vendors that have built cloud solutions empowering businesses small or large to remain active and productive under even the most challenging conditions, minimizing lost business opportunities.
CloudCasa will be attending KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022!
The CNCF’s conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities in Valencia, Spain from May 16 – 20, 2022! Can’t make it? Join virtually right from the comfort of your home and visit our booth!
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