We’re Taking IT to the Edge! IBM Edge 2016

Catalogic 09/13/2016 0 Comments

Edge 2016 page, but here’s the quick view with my own less formal descriptions.

CDE-1709: Transforming IT with IBM FlashSystem Storage and Integrated Copy Data Management

Flash is everywhere and is rapidly becoming the defacto standard for the data center, especially for Tier 1 workloads. Catalogic ECX supports the whole range of IBM FlashSystem arrays, from flash-enabled Storwize boxes to the FlashSystem V9000 up to the latest edition, the FlashSystem A9000. And flash plus copy data management totally changes the value equation. If you’re still wondering how flash can transform what you’re doing, you need to check out this session.

SPT-2616A: DevOps “Demystified” for IBM Storage: Linking the Datacenter to IBM SoftLayer/Bluemix

Cloud compute is awesome, but a key challenge remains: how do I get cloud compute to work on my system-of-record data? Or more precisely, how do I get the data to the compute? We’ll tell you in this session.

SSW-1790: How Copy Data Management Enables Faster Snapshot Adoption in IBM Spectrum Protect Environments

Got IBM storage? Taking full advantage of snapshots? Oh you’re not? Totally understandable. This is the session that changes things for you.

CDE-1718: Transforming Your Database Infrastructure with Integrated Copy Data Management

Databases! Often our most important IT data assets, and often our most troublesome.  Do you have lots and lots of copies of your databases floating around, countless versions of Oracle, SQL, etc? Yet it still somehow takes three weeks for a developer to get a copy?  Its costing you money and it’s costing you time. We’ll show you how to fix it.

That’s what we’ve got going in our breakout sessions. But it wouldn’t be a Catalogic booth if we weren’t going to have some fun with it!  And fun we shall have. Not only are we going to be giving away two cool remote control cars every half hour, but we’re going to have a race track in our booth. Yup. You’ll have to see it to believe it!


You can come and test your driving skills and then have a chat about all the things we can do to help modernize your IT, better manage your IBM storage infrastructure, and deliver the goods to your IT end users.

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