Catalogic and NetApp Cloud ONTAP: A Match Made In Heaven

Catalogic 10/28/2014 0 Comments
Today at #NTAPInsightUS NTAP announced their new Hybrid Cloud utilizing Cloud ONTAP.  This announcement is a very strong move for NTAP.  Today cloud isn’t as much about technology as it is about business agility. The ability to keep IT cost low, the stuff that doesn’t make businesses money, and build agility and flexibility into the data center helps business drive new revenue models which is really important in today’s competitive world.

Also today, Catalogic Software announced that we work seamlessly with NTAP’s Cloud ONTAP to give clients visibility, insight and control over their environment locally, remote and now in the cloud.

Watch this short video demonstration of Catalogic Software and NetApp’s Cloud ONTAP.

Visit our ECX page and learn more about how to get control of your hybrid cloud data.

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