Take Advantage of the Data You Have and Reduce Storage Costs

Catalogic 02/25/2015 0 Comments
Let’s say you’re driving down the street and you hear a noise coming from underneath the car that ‘sounds like’ you may have some issues w/ your muffler.  As you’re driving, you see two muffler stores, each across the street from one another.  One shop uses the term “radical” on their marquis and the other “analyze”– which shop do you chose?

The ‘radical’ shop will have you drive in and in a matter of moments, you are convinced that you need a new car, and by doing so, you get a new muffler to boot.

The ‘analyze’ shop gets you a cup of coffee, takes your car in, puts it on a lift and runs some diagnostics.  In 15 minutes, when all is said and done, you find out all you really need is a new bracket.

Maybe you do need / want a new car, but it would be good to feel like you had the choice of being able to make the decision about which direction to take.

The reality is, the same goes for your data storage.  Without having the insight to make decisions about what you need, too often IT practitioners are pushed into a new technology that has them ripping out good technology that is already in place that just needs, well maybe just a new bracket.  The reality is, you purchased the storage you have in your environment for some really good reasons.  When you put out your RFP for your storage you had specific criteria in mind.  The vendor that you ended up choosing met all the criteria that your environment needed; performance, scale, storage services (snapshots, thin provisioning, compression, deduplication, …) etc.  So why would you throw all that away (including the hard work that went into defining and selecting your storage platform) in order to gain a new feature?  The urge to “rip and replace” seems particularly pronounced in the realm of copy data management, where traditional storage and backup vendors have not offered a comprehensive solution that allows the IT team to better manage the creation and use of copies of production data for various mission critical use cases including DR and Dev & Tes.(For a good overview of copy data management, see George Crump’s excellent brief, ‘What is Copy Data’)

But before you rip and replace, consider the analysis approach first.  There is inherent value to having a deep understanding of the data in your environment, specifically how it is used and what the true business needs are.  Making decisions without having that insight can be costly and unnecessary.  A big part of good decision-making is knowing what technology is available that can complement your storage rather than replace it.  Putting in a ‘radical’ new solution that merely delivers storage services that you already have will not help you be more successful with your data.  It’s important to note that as data continues to grow, having technologies such as deduplication and/or compression that ‘speak the same language’ is critical to data management success.  Adding another layer of complexity or another format of deduplication in your environment means you will have to consume more processing power and time to ‘un-dedupe’ the data in order to read it from one platform to the next (as one example).  It is clear that the radical approach brings the risk of creating a great deal of unnecessary work, cost and complexity.

Catalogic Software delivers revolutionary technology without the disruption, cost or complexity.  Our copy data management platform, ECX, complements your existing storage stack rather than forcing a replacement (or forcing costly integration of multiple storage platforms).   It allows you to take advantage of the storage you have and enables you to gain better efficiencies out of your data.  The new wave of data management is ‘Copy Data Management’.  You don’t need to buy new hardware, new storage or new storage services in order to take advantage of a copy data solution.  You only need a simple yet powerful copy data software platform to help you gain control over what you already have, and begin leveraging it in ways that were previously not possible.  Let us show you how you can better manage, orchestrate and analyze your copy data, all while helping to reduce storage costs. Learn more here about ECX, or download the new Lab Report from ESG Global.

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