Pure Storage Snapshot Management Solution Now Released!

Catalogic 10/19/2016 0 Comments

We’re happy to report that we’ve released ECX v 2.5 which contains support for the Pure Storage FlashArray family, both the //m series and the previous FA-400 generation. The reception of our Pure Storage support has been nothing short of amazing. Let me explain.

Since we first announced our plans to support Pure Storage back in August, Catalogic attended three major trade shows in the span of five weeks (that was a lot of time in Las Vegas!)  We had hundreds of discussions with Pure Storage customers and prospects, and the excitement level was palpable. The conversations revolved primarily around two main themes.

The first is that ECX provides an easy-to-use, workflow-based policy engine for Pure Storage FlashRecover snapshot and replication processes. Users were eager for a tool that could save them a lot of day-to-day maintenance (no more scripts!) and give them easy set-and-forget snap and replication management, along with push-button restores and comprehensive reporting and visibility. Our recent additions of agentless application support for Oracle and SQL Server really rounded out the solution.

But an area of even more excitement was what we can do for dev-test environments. In one conversation I had with a storage infrastructure manager, I brought up the subject of dev-test. His immediate reaction was, “Oh, those guys are killing me!” Just so! And that’s where ECX can help.

With ECX you can deploy copies – copies of data, or entire virtual environments – at the push of a button, or automatically on a scheduled basis. For example, if a dev-test team needs fresh copies of Oracle data, with sensitive data fields masked for security and compliance, ECX can have those delivered in place in minutes. How much time does this save? Well it varies across IT departments, but we’ve been hearing over and over that setting up dev-test takes several weeks at best. How about doing it in five minutes?

It’s these kinds of dramatic time savings that really make ECX a must-have tool for all-flash storage environments. Another person I spoke to had made the decision to move to Pure Storage from a competitive all-flash system that had proven problematic and disappointing. He was very happy with his storage choice, but he dreaded the weeks and weeks of internal software development effort it was going to take to automate his dev-test environment, to say nothing of maintaining that setup of countless scripts and multiple different tools across storage, compute, networking and application layers. When he saw that Catalogic could do everything he wanted with a simple GUI interface and no scripts, he was completely delighted. I’ve been in the software game for a long time, and I’ve rarely seen people so enthused for a solution as they are for this one.

Want a quick overview of what Pure Storage and Catalogic can do together? Take a look at our Copy Data Management for Pure Storage solution sheet and for more resources, visit our Pure Storage solution page, which is also where you’ll find new content as it arrives.

Speaking of new content, we’ve got a great new technical white paper about using Catalogic and Pure Storage in an Oracle database environment. It gives you all the step-by-step instructions you need to create application-consistent snapshots, and what’s more, to make easy use of them, whether for data recovery or for value-added use cases like dev-test and reporting. Download it now!

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