Pure Storage Added to Our Copy Data Roster!

Catalogic 08/24/2016 0 Comments

Catalogic ECX will provide support for all its copy data functionality to the Pure Storage FlashArray line: that is, we’ll manage the data copy process from end-to-end, including snapshots and replication, using the underlying Pure Storage FlashRecover engine. Since we use the software native to the array – unlike other solutions that bring in a whole new storage stack – you automatically get all the benefits of Pure Storage, including super-fast performance and amazingly efficient data reduction.

We really see the sweet spot here being the conjunction of all-flash storage, databases and copy data management. Organizations are rapidly moving their high transaction database workloads like Oracle and SQL Server to all-flash arrays, with Pure Storage a leader in that market. As it happens, we recently also released support for Oracle and SQL Server, including highly critical features like application awareness, DB log management and data masking.

The View from the Analysts

As is typical with new solution launches, we spoke to many analysts prior to making this announcement. A couple provided us some nice commentary.

Here’s David Floyer, Chief Technology Officer of analyst firm Wikibon:

To deliver the high I/O throughput and low latency required by databases, flash has become widely deployed for these environments. Another advantage of flash is that copies are much easier to make, and many more are made using snapshot technology. But now that all flash arrays are deployed in a majority of enterprise database environments, system administrators are experiencing significant challenges in adequately managing the greatly increased number of copies, and there are significant exposures to the business. What Catalogic’s software solution brings to the Pure flash storage arrays is automated copy data management (CDM). This allows enterprises greater use of and value from copies, much lower physical space for the copies, faster time to copy and faster time to data value.

We also heard from Jim Miller, Senior Analyst with Enterprise Management Associates:

Partnering with Catalogic for CDM is a smart move for Pure. Rather than building their own offering to compete in this growing market, this partnership allows Pure to quickly deliver a flash based CDM offering.  The combined Catalogic/Pure solution enables the enterprise to benefit sooner from an all-flash data center by solving the problem of devoting too much enterprise storage capacity to multiple copies of production data.

Pure Storage is a Top Notch Partner

I also want to be sure to mention how great the folks at Pure Storage have been to work with. We started up this relationship a few months back and we couldn’t ask for better partners. They are working with us across all areas to help spread the word of the powerful combination of Pure Storage and Catalogic copy data management.

In fact, Pure is sponsoring a webinar with us on September 15. Sign up now!

And if you’re heading to VMworld we’ll have demos of Catalogic running on Pure Storing in our booth (#721). It’s gonna get crowded, I can promise you, so if you want to lock in a meeting, please register in advance.  (Registering also gets you a sweet tee-shirt: just sayin!)

In addition to the demos, we’ll have Vaughn Stewart, Pure Storage Enterprise Architect and Chief Evangelist, speaking in the Catalogic booth on:

  • Tuesday, 8/30 @ 2:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday 8/31 @ 11:00 a.m.

Be sure to show up for a great talk!

Also, Catalogic will be presenting in the Pure Storage booth (#923) once each day on the topic of Turbocharge Your Database Infrastructure with Pure Storage and Catalogic Copy Data Management.

  • Monday, August 29th @ 12:30 pm
  • Tuesday, August 30th @ 2:00 pm
  • Wednesday, August 31st @ 1:00 pm

Lots of cool things happening and more to come. For more details on the product integration, you can visit our Pure Storage page or download our Copy Data Management for Pure Storage solution sheet.

Note that while we are able to demo the joint solution at VMworld, the final software release is planned for the end of September.

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