Our Thanks to Pure //Accelerate Attendees Who Helped Plant Over 1,000 Trees

Catalogic 09/23/2019 0 Comments

Pure //Accelerate 2019 has concluded for another year, and as always it was a great event. We’d like to thank Pure Storage for being the gracious hosts they always are. And mostly, we’d like to thank those of you that participated in our No More Swag campaign. With your help, instead of giving away tradeshow swag, we donated $1,115 to plant trees. At a dollar a tree, that’s 1,115 trees planted. And with the matching donation from Pure Storage, that will double it. Pretty nice, planting 2,230 trees instead of getting another squeeze ball! And please, there is still time to donate at the link above.

For fun, I did a little back of the napkin style calculations to see what might have been. Since a squeeze ball purchased in bulk goes for about 65 cents, we can come up with the following.

  • By NOT spending the money on squeeze balls, we managed to prevent 1,715 squeeze balls from ending up in landfills (which is where they all end up).
  • We could have formed a line of squeeze balls 393 feet long when laid next to each other. Think about that. From one end of a football field to the other, and then back again to the 30-yard line. Sheesh.

The real “makes you go hmmmm” part of this is that Catalogic is just one vendor and this is from one show. Think how many total squeeze balls – and all the other stuff – gets handed out annually.

Now I have nothing against higher-value giveaways. Attendees at shows expect that prizes are part of the fun, and if as a vendor you want to offer a solid prize that someone will actually use and not just toss away a few days later, I say have at it. But handing out endless piles of tchotchkes, 99% of which are headed for the garbage within a few weeks, is something that we as an industry need to seriously think about.

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